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LIVING.KY – Furnishing Dreams

RL: Have you always been interested in design and decor? PB: You know, I always wanted to be an art teacher. However, my parents weren’t going to support a second child through art school, so I ended up studying mechanical engineering, with the end...

October 25, 2019


Driftwood and Pinkie Palace, Cayman Islands

Heidi Bassett Blair and her family had first encountered the half-forgotten wattle and daub cottage, tucked in among the seagrapes on South Sound Beach while on vacation thirty years ago. Once home to a renowned midwife, Nurse Pinkie, Heidi felt the...

October 25, 2019


Long Bay Villas, Anguilla

Having been a regular visitor to the island for twenty five years and owning property there, Neil Freeman was very familiar with Anguilla’s particular charms. When Hurricane Irma tore through the region in September 2017, causing widespread damage,...

October 28, 2019


New Haven Quay, Cayman Islands

From the street, the canal-front property appears to be a series of box-like structures of different heights, with few windows – apart from a glass-encased stair tower – giving no indication that inside these walls lies a light and spacious open...

October 14, 2019



Dripping from trees across the Caribbean and Central America, the flesh, seeds and leaves of the guava have, for centuries, been prized for both their flavour and therapeutic properties.  Indeed, the old adage "an apple a day keeps the doctor aw...

May 28, 2019


Postcard from USVI

BOAT over to Buck Island to snorkel or dive. A national monument with crystal clear waters it is perfect for diving and spotting sharks, eagle-rays and green turtles. Go on a full or half-day trip and experience a playful underwater snorkelling trail...

May 29, 2019