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2018 Fall

Casa del Cielo, Cayman Islands
A family home in Vista del Mar takes a different approach to the indoor-outdoor living concept, by opening the roof to the sky.
Style Meets Sustainability at The Residences at Seafire
Seven Mile Beach has long been the most coveted stretch of real estate on Grand Cayman. Featuring powder white sand, tranquil waters, luxury hotels and beachfront residences, it's the ideal place to own a vacation home or serve as the address for your primary residence.
The Residences of Stone Island, Cayman Islands
Prestigious waterfront living on a private peninsula. Conceived and developed by the visionary team behind The WaterColours on Seven Mile Beach, The Residences of Stone Island elevates exclusive waterfront living to new heights.
Reaching New Heights - Mike Stroh, Trio Architecture
From fitting out ice cream stores and hair salons in Miami to designing ten-storey luxury resorts, since relocating to the Cayman Islands, architect Mike Stroh's career has reached heights he had never dreamed of, but always aimed for.
Design is scene - IDG, creating spaces for your best life
Celebrating 15 years of design, IDG continues to create spaces that are uniquely you, for your best life. With a solid reputation as the interior design firm of choice in the Cayman Islands, what many residents don't realise is that IDG offers a wide range of exciting and innovative services, all designed to save clients both time and money regardless of the size of the project or budget.
OtisAir a Fresh Approach
Testament to the company's exceptional growth in recent years, OtisAir's new business premises showcase their design and installation expertise and set the stage for continued expansion.
Discover Your Oasis
Creators of perfect outdoor living environments, Oasis Pool & Spa goes beyond pools and maintenance: they also design and construct outdoor entertainment facilities, from cabanas, patios and outdoor kitchens to fire features. Established ten years ago by James Bussey, the business is a three-time winner of the Governor's Award for Design and Construction Excellence.
Mikki Chin of OBMI Cayman - Powered by Passion
Mikhail, known to most as Mikki, is the Senior Architect at OBM International (OBMI) and is licensed to practice in New York and Florida, she is also a PMP holder and LEED AP. Originally from Jamaica, she has travelled extensively, studying at the Caribbean School of Architecture and the University of Miami, then working in the US, India and Malaysia, before moving to Cayman.
Jill for a Moment, Jill Palmer of No. 11 Spa, Cayman Islands
After 15 years working in the beauty industry Jill Palmer launched her own holistic medical spa and healthy skincare boutique, No.11 Spa, in 2017. Passionate about helping her clients look and feel their best, she spends her days dealing directly with clients, researching the best ethical, natural beauty products and developing signature spa treatments. In her downtime you'll find Jill taking on London, dining in New York or chilling at Goldeneye in Jamaica with an Aperol Spritz.
Villa Mango, Clipper Bay, Cayman Islands
Simple but sophisticated on the outside, spacious and light-filled on the inside, and packed with playful design items picked up on their travels, Maya and Rich Lewis' majestic home at Clipper Bay is all them – from the overall design down to the smallest detail. Maya shares the journey from concept to completion.
Lydia Uzzell, Interior Designer, Cayman Islands
Villa Utopic, St. Barths
The simple lines of tropical modern architecture are transformed by pops of Caribbean colour at the magnificent Villa Utopic in St. Barthelemy.
Calm Waters or Stormy Seas Ahead? Caribbean Market Trends
Given the impact that hospitality has on the construction and development sectors in the Caribbean, we should always have one eye on the performance of the region's tourism industry, to help forecast the future outlook for resort and related development.
Stay Secure - Online Security Tips
There's no doubt the Internet has changed the way we live, but the convenience of all this connectivity doesn't come without risk. Cybercrime is an ever-present threat and it's essential to take some basic precautions to safeguard your personal data. Steps you can take to improve your online security include:
Are we there yet? - Retirement Planning
I spent my summer holidays this year doing something a little out of the ordinary - for our family - driving across Canada in a RV. The constant question from the kids while travelling from one destination to the next was, "are we there yet?" Returning home, having fully enjoyed the freedom of the trip, I couldn't help but daydream about enjoying that lifestyle more permanently - in retirement.
Does Money Buy You Happiness?
Yes, no, maybe, sometimes, it depends. The reality is, it's complicated. The question has been tackled by some of the smartest brains from Socrates to recent Nobel prize winner Richard Thaler, and we still don't have a clear-cut answer.
Organic Spas, Cayman Islands
Whether it's a full-day immersive spa experience or a simple mani-pedi you're after, these organic spas are sure to leave you feeling pleasantly pampered.
Time to Unwind
Even in a tropical paradise, stress can be an issue. However idyllic the setting, there are still the demands of work and family, financial pressures and relationship responsibilities to contend with. REAL LIFE consulted David Keighley, director of Therapy Retreats Ltd, on the causes and strategies to combat stress on a Caribbean island.
Juice It Up! Smooth(ie) it down!
Vibrantly coloured juices and thick, creamy smoothies.... all are undeniably Instagrammable – but which is really better for you?
A curious and contradictory Caribbean staple, ackee is a fruit that is cooked as if it were a vegetable, finds its perfect partner in fish, and that is highly toxic before it becomes wholesome and health-giving.
Culinary Magic - Chefs of the Caribbean
Having enthusiastically embraced the use of local, sustainable ingredients, the region's top chefs are now scaling new heights of culinary creativity, artistic presentation and superb settings. These are some of the Caribbean's most acclaimed chefs.
Above All Expectations - Caribbean Resorts
Some travel for immersive experiences, others to enjoy luxurious surroundings. But what if you could have both? A handful of visionary Caribbean hoteliers are pushing boundaries like never before, offering over-water bungalows and treehouses for grownups.
Postcard from Bonaire
A wild paradise in the southern Caribbean with blue skies, gentle breezes and serene, mutli-hued water. A diver's paradise with a vibrant underwater world, in Bonaire, you just relax and enjoy the ride.
Wine-spiration - A Global Wine Tour
Most of us love to explore our adventurous side. For wine lovers, trying a unique bottle of wine is akin to venturing out into the world in search of new experiences. Yusuf Farouk from Jacques Scott gives us his take on a few wines for those wanting to journey into the world of wine.
Vivacious and Vibrant, Vanita
Large in scale and rich in colour, Vanita Commisiong's paintings are a radiant celebration of Bajan life.
Green Scene - Indoor Plant Styling
Integrate houseplants into your interior design by creating living art out of leafy companions. Plant-stylist, Blair Webb Ebanks shares her 'how-to-tips' with us.
Beyond Electric Avenue - Eddy Grant
Eddy Grant's Return to Plaisance
Small Spaces
Small homes present big challenges when it comes to design and decoration, but limited space needn't mean sacrificing style. Interiors guru Mia Parres of Design Studio shares her top tips to help you get maximum functionality out of minimal square footage.
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