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2017 Spring

Sun Serenity, Grand Cayman
From its oceanfront pavilion suites, to its double height living area and rooftop terrace, the magnificent Sun Serenity is the essence of contemporary coastal elegance.
Versatile Design
An automotive showroom worthy of its brand
The local general contractors of choice for commercial, industrial and residential construction, The Phoenix Group has been serving clients in the Cayman Islands since 1979.
The Residences, Magellan Quay
An exclusive new development of just eight houses in Governors Harbour, The Residences have been created as the ideal homes for today's modern family.
Kembali Kai & Rum Point Club, Cayman Islands
Easy elegance on the shores of Rum Point
Boggy Sands Club, Cayman Islands
Boggy Sands Club, where barefoot luxury, sustainability and contemporary living converge.
Periwinkle, Cayman Islands
How Caribbean charm and sustainable living come together to create an extraordinary new development underway in Grand Harbour.
VELA, Cayman Islands
Where elegant, contemporary aesthetics and luxury lifestyle amenities combine.
Over Yonder Cay, The Bahamas
The Ultimate Tropical Playground, Powered By Nature
Modern Gem in South Sound
Cayman Islands
High design by Martyn Lawrence Bullard at The Residences at Seafire
The Residences at Seafire, the newest residential building to call Seven Mile Beach home, aims to heighten Caribbean interior design through its collaboration with noted celebrity decorator Martyn Lawrence Bullard who has crafted a vision of high design previously unseen in Cayman.
New Horizons
Modern, contemporary and ultra-modern architecture in the Cayman Islands
Joanne Sibley
A Life of Art
Ya Mon!
Paul Salmon, hotelier and restaurateur, is championing a new brand of Jamaican cool.
Good Financial Behavior
Island Style
Four Grand Cayman-based architects who are shaping the island's landscape share examples of their work that consider the tropical climate and aim to mature with time, all while putting first their clients' needs.
Detox, Retox
Work hard. Play hard. We’re all familiar with the phrase, but when the donkey in your head just won't stop, it’s time to detox. Here within quick fixes that will have you waving bye-bye to that burro in no time.
Ageing Gracefully
As much as we may wish to, nobody escapes the ageing process. It’s an unavoidable fact of life and, in a tropical climate, constant exposure to sun can accelerate the process. It’s not all bad news though: the wheels of cosmetic innovation keep on turning, and the treatments now available that can mitigate the signs of ageing are becoming ever more effective and affordable.
Hello, Yellow
Globe Trotter
High Seas
A new generation of superyachts
Postcard from Haiti
A hidden gem, Haiti, balancing on the western side of the island of Hispaniola, offers the more intrepid traveller an untouched, culturally-rich and authentic Caribbean experience. Whether you choose to spend your time by the sandy coastlines of the north or meandering through the vibrant streets of Port-au-Prince, this under-the-radar country is drenched in alluring adventure that will leave you wanting more.
Outdoor Chairs
Editor's Obsessions
Fresh, Fancy & Footloose
Whether brand new or recently refreshed, these Caribbean resorts promise glamorous stays, carefree days and complete physical and mental renewal.
Design Den
Spring 2017
Kitchen Confidential
Spring 2017
Be My Guest
Transform a spare space into a welcoming guest room with these inviting objects.
Smooth Operator
Dimples are cute, but not on your thighs, tush, tummy or arms. The ultimate bête noir, cellulite affects nearly 90% of all women. While diet, exercise and genetics play an important part in the severity of affliction, it is not a weight issue. Rather it is the ultimate equaliser refusing to distinguish between slim or sizeable, fit or flabby, young or old. Striking when enlarged pockets of fat push through weakened connective tissue, cellulite causes a dimpled, orange peel-like appearance on the skin. More likely to present when connective tissues are weakened due to excess fat deposits, poor muscle tone and fluctuating hormones, amongst other reasons, cellulite cannot be cured. Mercifully though, there are myriad effective methods to diminish the dimple and embrace super smooth skin.
Island Fresh Produce
Innovation Delivering on a Farm-to-Table Promise