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A Vision to Behold, Turks and Caicos

Enviably located amidst the heavenly transcendence of Grace Bay on the northeast coast of Providenciales, Turks and Caicos, Vision Beach’s genius lies in its perfect blend of beauty and substance.

In a dazzling reinvention of the traditional beach house, Vision Beach’s unique brand of modern coastal luxury is intended to create enduring memories for those lucky enough to seek shelter under its eaves. With a dizzying 8,246 square-feet of living space and 240-feet of swoon-worthy beach frontage, this 5-bedroom family compound features a total of three master bedrooms, each with paradisiacal views, and two ingeniously planned family rooms allowing for up to 14 guests. Add to this the state-of-the-art studio kitchen with views out across the bay and if all else fails to impress, a 400-bottle wine cellar and massage room, suffice to say, Vision Beach is the answer to everyone’s prayers.

Designed by Chris Davies of the local firm, Coast Architects, expressly in homage to the natural beach dune and the aqua blue-beyond, this visionary property revels in the interconnection between indoor and outdoor spaces, thoughtfully balancing the vying needs of both to create unrivalled harmony of design. Passing through the wooden ipe security gate, etched with the home’s unique rebus puzzle inspired logo, a long, snaking driveway, lined with mahogany trees and dense olive-green Clusia hedges, delivers you to the entrance. A tantalising prelude to the ever-present indigo horizon that awaits, the clean horizontals of wooden trellises with their articulated light and shadow lead to the contemplative beauty of an anterior courtyard – a tranquil haven in which to take stock before being lured into the Vision Beach experience. Replete with twin black-bottomed reflecting pools framed with lush bamboo, the eye is drawn as if by some superior power, through the expansive Great Room, with its plush, sink-into-me sofas, to a magical vanishing point where ‘white horses’ roll on the distant reef and the sun warms the sacred cerulean waters of Grace Bay.

As if by divine sleight of hand, no sooner do you enter than you find yourself out in the elements once more. “With the ocean view on the north side of the beach, the building naturally lends itself to a predominantly glazed north façade with deep overhangs on the south side thereby minimising solar gain,” explains Davies. Designed with an open plan, contemporary aesthetic that ingeniously blurs the distinction between outside and in, architectural features visually link spaces, welcoming them into one another as seen in the entryway intersection between the living room and outside patio. Here, solid hardwood flooring extends to outer seating areas which, in turn, lead on to the oversized pool and awaiting ocean. Using an underlying and consistent palette of complementary and synergistic materials to accentuate the connectedness between spaces, exotic South American ipe wood crosses thresholds, introducing notes of warmth to counterbalance the effect of hard stone and tile surfaces. Davies explains, “Larger elements like ceilings and rich, dark wood panels juxtapose clean, crisp, white vertical elements.” 

With this seamless integration between the internal and external, social spaces become the driving force of the design. Outside covered areas augment transitions, creating energetic flow, as seen in the way the indoor wooden kitchen ceiling blends imperceptibly with the outside wet bar, where 360-degree seating for twelve offers the perfect perch for alfresco dining and stargazing. Fully-opened floor-to-ceiling Caoba lift-and-slide doors effectively allow the home to grow in size, as the covered exterior lanai and front courtyard become extensions of the interior, only this time with palm-frond-framed, powder-blue-sky ceilings by day and star-spangled walls by night.

Expertly marrying simplicity with sophistication, at Vision Beach comfort is king; a place to engage all the senses and, as Christi Barbour, Founder and Partner at Barbour Spangle Design, says, “gift inhabitants with a pause button to life so they can slow down and enjoy what island life has to offer.” With each item ‘comfort-tested’ by the owners to ensure the look and feel of each piece, furnishings are intended for the tucking up of toes and lazy afternoons spent in restful repose, good book and cocktail in hand or sundowner poised to capture the green flash as the sun sinks beneath the surface. “We wanted furniture that people weren’t afraid to sit on or use; furniture that felt at home, inside or out,” Barbour explains. To this end, the neutral palette of upholstered fabric pieces in crisp white, ivory, taupe and soft grey, as well as the plentiful pillows and cushions, maintain this illusion. Mirrored outside by a dreamy sunken fire-pit which, at night, is illuminated not only from the glowing embers of the fire but by romantic underfloor lighting, the Great Room is master of all it surveys. Situated with the courtyard to one side and the ocean to the other, Tradewinds billow through, giving the perfect vantage from which to commune with nature or observe the evening’s antics at the outdoor billiards table.

Elemental in nature, Vision Beach’s interiors are painstakingly curated, indulging in a wealth of natural resources that ground it deeply in the island culture of Turks and Caicos, while simultaneously aspiring to reflect the owners’ passion for global travel and new experiences. Barbour explains, “We wanted authentic pieces that possessed a story; items that felt ‘found’ or collected over time as well as custom pieces.” These include the one-of-a-kind, 12-foot reading bench, transformed from an antique Balinese door; the living room cocktail table fashioned from petrified tree stumps; a customised entry console and the traditional hallway ‘spears,’ cleverly repurposed from African garden stakes. Decorative stone accents throughout assert earthy charm, while onyx slabs in the kitchen – and replicated behind the outdoor bar – evoke beach dunes and whimsical sea glass chandeliers descend, blessing the dining table and ensuring turquoise hues are never far from one’s mind.

With outdoor showers accompanied by Coast’s trademark shower-gardens, and spacious bathrooms featuring Kohler rain showers, master bedrooms are each unique in design; sumptuous without over-complication. Utilising woven, textured wall coverings to introduce style with functionality in the form of improved acoustics, colours are muted in deference to the brilliance of nature’s tapestry. An elevated master suite offers private balcony views of the holy trinity of breath-taking ocean swells, sprawling pool terrace and to-die-for infinity pool – self-cleaning, no less. Sun-soaked by day or illuminated prettily by night, its clear Italian glass tile by Trend summons the colours of the sea, accentuated by staggered levels where sun loungers appear to defy gravity, hovering over the surface like magical Aladinesque carpets.

Like the adjacent sunbathing platform, a tempting hot tub seems to float within the pool itself and the boardwalk cuts a clear and precise path to an outlying beach deck, creating a gateway to Nirvana. Practise sun salutations or indulge in exploring the shallows by paddleboard or kayak, as the sunset paints the villa’s windows, transforming them into vast stained-glass masterpieces before your very eyes.

Like all luminary architecture, Vision Beach is so much more than the sum of its parts, creating a way of living that betters human behaviour by casting its spell on those who enter. Here, those who have lost the vital balance between work, rest, and play, can find a new equilibrium as they are welcomed into the fold, finding refinement and serenity in this blissful space of grace.

For more information and to stay at Vision Beach contact: The Source, Luxury Villa Rentals, Turks and Caicos

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