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Cool to the touch, easy to clean and available in a plethora of colours, textures and mediums, there is little surprise that tiles are the floor and wall covering of choice in many Caribbean homes.

From their earliest recorded use in 14,000 BC Mesopotamia to more modern times, tiles have played a functional yet design-conscious role in dwellings the world around. From traditional, clay-fired ceramic tiles with hand-painted ornate glazes and designs, to modern mosaics made of glass tiles with luxury inlays, these water- and heat-proof wonders seamlessly combine durability with design.

New Ravenna

Fashion-forward, handcrafted and assembled using the finest quality stone and glass, New Ravenna mosaics are as much a work of art as a functional wall or floor covering. Rubrik, by founder and creative director Sara Baldwin, uses jewel glass shown in Pearl, Schist, and Lavastone to recreate the illusion of 17th century parquet flooring, while Erin Adam's whimsical Floating Fish, casts the design net wide with a waterjet and hand-cut glass mosaic made from Mica, Sardonyx, Pearl, Quartz and Garnet, to add life to your walls. Loom, inspired by Ikat textiles, elegantly combines brilliant colours and light reflective glass for an edgy, clean vibe.

Rubrik by New Ravenna

Floating Fish by New Ravenna

Loom by New Ravenna

Fired Earth

When a company opens their product catalog with a quote from Victorian art critic John Ruskin you know you are in for a visual treat, and Fired Earth do not disappoint. With an archive of 16th and 17th century tiles for inspiration, they bring classic designs into the 21st century with modern colour palettes and techniques. Infuse your d├ęcor with worldly influences by adding a touch of the tropics with turquoise Madagascar Seaspray tiles or choose art deco inspired Paris Cabaret which stuns with its delicate colours and hand-decorated design, whilst Signage brings a taste of cheeky industrial chic to your bathroom.

Madagascar Seaspray by Fired Earth

Signage Way Out by Fired Earth

Paris Cabaret by Fired Earth

Tile of Spain

Formed of a conglomerate of Spanish tile companies, Tile of Spain comprises of over 125 manufacturers that develop products ranging from rustic handmade ceramic tiles to impossibly slim facades and countertops. With a particular focus on technology, their new ranges provide timeless tiles with modern textured twists. Inalco SLIMMKER-LIGHT uses a special composition to provide the resistance of porcelain with an innovative translucent quality, while REALONDA Kefren uses pioneering materials and high-relief designs to create three-dimensional tiles that interplay with light, blurring the line between form and function for innovative and inspiring tiles.

REALONDA Kefren by Tile of Spain

Inalco SLIMMKER-LIGHT by Tile of Spain

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