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Spa-ahhh Time

No longer uninspired spaces where pampering is doled out, spas are now known for their divinely designed surroundings intended to enhance the very treatments they provide.


Kai en Ciel Spa, Jade Mountain, St Lucia

A bold architectural delight that celebrates the stunning natural beauty of St Lucia, Kai en Ciel Spa rises spectacularly above 600 acres of pristine beach. Designed by architect and owner Nick Troubetzkoy to exist in harmony with the stunning Caribbean surroundings and highlight the majestic Piton Mountains, it is the quintessential escape. Stacked, rough stone pillars stand in grace with the natural surroundings while rich, vibrant tiles glisten in the pools reflecting the colours on the horizon. Designed in a truly open manner, with the fourth wall absent, in order to take advantage of the gorgeous climate and dramatic scenery, one is able to indulge in fanciful therapies such as the Menage-A-Spa where three therapists knead away your knots, as well as bestow a facial, pedicure and manicure- the ultimate in spa extravagance.

For more information please call (758) 459 4000 or visit www.jademountain.com


Silver Rain a La Prairie Spa at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman

From the moment you push back the silver-leafed doors and enter the glittering crystalline foyer you know you have entered a place of privilege, a sculptural haven where luxury lives. Designed by New York-based D’Aquino Monaco over two years, the multi-million dollar Silver Rain a La Prairie Spa is a fairytale where water glistens across the translucent quartzite floor, glides down columns of glass and gathers in murmuring pools where it sparkles off the silvery walls. The modern and sensual water-based motif is carried throughout the rest of the 20,000 square foot spa, as is the impeccable attention to detail and service.

The second floor, called Silver Haven, is a paradise of provocative textures and pleasures: Holly Hunt Origami tables are dotted throughout the room, Mathieu Lustiere chandeliers sparkle overhead, silk pillows artfully decorate oversized angular chaises inviting repose while selecting one’s music for play during treatment or sipping the complimentary champagne, while private seating groups can be cordoned off by pulling strategically placed cloud-like drapes to provide privacy.
Although La Prairie’s strength is de-aging, the treatments run the gamut from the practical Deep Drenching Facial to the extravagant Diamond Perfection Body Treatment. And while many are seduced by sumptuous treatments such as the Pure Gold Radiance Facial, in which 24 karat gold and essential oils are expertly applied to your visage, every choice is a winner as all therapies have been designed to render you a more luscious and relaxed version of yourself.
For more information please call 345 815 6900 or visit www.ritzcarlton.com


One&Only Ocean Club Spa, Paradise Island, The Bahamas

­­Serenity now. Ancient Asian design and modern amenities fuse harmoniously at the One&Only Ocean Club Spa where traditional Oriental accents are incorporated with natural materials to create an exclusive and idyllic retreat. Designed by Hill Glazier Architects, with the interior design by Barry Design A­­ssociates, the eight private air-conditioned spa villas were expertly hand-crafted to combine plantation-grown Javanese teak with Balinese design elements such as intricately carved decorative roof and wall-mounts and ceremonial stone incense pillars. Dedicated to providing a blissful escape, the spa villas feature delicate coconut wood bowls resplendent with an abundance of fresh flowers and floating candles, hand-woven Thai silk pillows, antique Asian tapestries and a water temple that sounds softly in the background to soothe away life’s stresses, setting the perfect scene for receiving holistic treatments derived from a parallel philosophy. Between treatments guests are invited to recline on the custom-carved Balinese daybed in their private open-air garden sanctuary or soak in the whirlpool bath nestled in the lush surroundings courtesy of Perdian. While famous for their personalised services, it is treatments such as the decadent Ocean Club Massage where two masseuses work in tandem using five different massage styles that keep guests coming back. However, as all treatments begin with a Floral Footbath and culminate with a Balinese Tea Ceremony and calming bath, drawn with essential oils, the hardest part of your day might be choosing only one therapy in which to indulge.

For more information please call (800) 321 3000 or visit www.oneandonlyresorts.com


Driftwood Spa at Jake’s, Treasure Beach, Jamaica

Sometimes the stars and moon align and pure heaven is achieved. Such is the case with the Driftwood Spa at Jake’s, where their signature whimsical design fuses effortlessly with the owners’ “celebration of life” philosophy to produce an undeniably bohemian haven.

The fruit of a year’s collaboration between Sally Henzell, a celebrated theatrical set designer and co-owner of the resort, and renowned international spa consultant, Linda Hall, Driftwood is a testament to the eclectic influences that define Sally’s style. Arched windows echo throughout the exotic complex speaking to Moorish influences, stained glass windows throw colourful shadows on the ground revealing a decidedly Caribbean sway, while vibrant tiles crawl across the walls sometimes culminating in a vivid mosaic and revealing their Gaudi roots. All told, there are six treatment rooms, a spa cabana, a rooftop yoga deck and Jamaican herb garden. However, it is the two open-air treatment rooms that sit lapping at the water’s edge where one can indulge in luxurious and rare treatments alfresco that make Driftwood Spa truly the definition of barefoot elegance. Bordered by hand-woven driftwood fences, from which the spa received its name, and nestled upon a private coral-stone deck, the outdoor treatment rooms are the perfect place to indulge in some celebrated pampering such as Jake’s Signature Caribbean Facial or the Stoned Love Massage. “I wanted to tap into the wellness vibes we have here in Jamaica,” explains spa manager, Laura Henzell. “A vibe that emanates from the people, craftsmanship, locale, but particularly from the tradition of using local ingredients to heal and rejuvenate.”
Driftwood Spa has that ‘je ne sais quoi’ factor, a certain indescribable vibe which keeps clients and celebrities alike returning to this ‘off the beaten track’, quirky spa that delivers luxurious pampering in an enchanting magical manner guaranteed to delight.

For more information please call (876) 564 2406 or (876) 965 0635 or visit www.islandoutpost.com


Mandara at Atlantis, Paradise Island, The Bahamas

More than just a spa, Mandara is a show-stopping blend of contemporary design and Balinese elements: delicate waterfalls cascade serenely down stone walls and elegant bamboo, sculpted out of acrylic, stretches skyward framing the transparent glass bridge, setting the scene for unique and thoroughly divine sessions of luxurious pampering. Vibrant colours and handmade Asian artefacts, courtesy of interior design gurus Lori Rapport and Andrew Hungerford, accent the establishment, effortlessly unifying 30,000 square feet into one harmonious custom-made space whose only raison d’être is to provide a gorgeous and renewing atmosphere.

Climb the grand spiral staircase to the mixed relaxation lounge where the architectural design from Wimberley Allison Tong & Goo continues to seamlessly blend natural components with strong elements: striking dark wood pillars engraved with intricate and repetitive designs punctuate the room, an artfully perforated carved arch allows light to spill from above, while the cool, tumbled, white river rock polished floor with its subtle ginger undertones echoes the colour palette above  unifying the room, adding to the harmony of space.

The ‘east-meets-modern’ design ethos is also reflected in the treatments where time-honoured therapies are combined with indigenous Bahamian traditions to create opulent, restorative balms for one’s body, mind and spirit. Among their signature therapies is the Elemis Exotic Lime and Ginger Salt Glow in which your gently buffed body is dripped with warm essential oil and then polished with lime and ginger scented sea salt harvested from the Caribbean Sea, truly a transcendent experience.

For more information please call (242) 363 2000, ext. 65900 or visit www.atlantis.com

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