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Small space, BIG design

Rules to Break, Ideas to Steal.

It is time to tear up the rule book and rethink design when it comes to the square foot-challenged spaces in one's home. Whether one is more inclined towards creating an effervescent enclave with a splash of zebra under foot or a soothing nest complete with carefully curated vignettes, let us banish these restrictive myths and embrace bright ideas.


1. Avoid pendants & chandeliers

The saying goes that hanging lights tend to lower our visual perception of a space. We say seize the opportunity to focus all eyes up on a fabulous light fixture.


2. Paint the room white

White may be a great solution for small spaces with tons of natural light and high ceilings, but why not take the plunge with jewel tones to create a bright and cosy enclave? Use light toned furnishings and artwork to balance the drama, or go for darker tones for added impact. (clockwise from top left: Emerald Isle, Fire and Ice, Deep Ocean, Peony)



3. Eliminate knick-knacks

While general clutter is a big no-no, a few carefully-edited vignettes will draw the eye around the room and provide personality and interest. A uniting theme such as colour or shape will make the collection appear composed, not haphazard.


4. Use small-scale furniture

Larger items offer impact and will not overly dominate the room if legged furniture is used so that the eye can travel underneath the piece and to the corners of the room.



5. Steer clear of pattern

Play around with different scales of pattern to inject interest and distract the eye from the size of the space. By using a range of fabrics and wallpapers from the same collection, one can achieve a cohesive, eclectic style while avoiding the dreaded ‘matchy-matchy’. (clockwise from top left: Anchala F1839/03, Ottelia F1836/04, Jacaranda F1837/01, Franchini F1454/05)


6. Ottomans can serve a dual purpose, acting as a luxuriously comfortable stool or as a cocktail table once a tray is perched on top.www.jonathanadler.com Ottoman
Sweetpea_Sun_Mirror 7. Mirrors help bounce light around the room to give the impression of airy elegance.www.sweetpeaandwillow.com
8. Lucite adds functionality to your room without losing visual space.www.craigvandenbrulle.com LucereSideTable
Bookshelf 9. Modular storage makes the most of a vertical space. Add a contemporary twist with this system.www.cubitshop.com
10. Rugs are a fantastic way to visually define areas of a room and make it feel more spacious.www.ballarddesigns.com Zebra_Rug

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