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Postcard from The Sister Islands: Little Cayman and Cayman Brac

Set like a topaz jewel in the Caribbean Sea, the easternmost of the Cayman Islands, Cayman Brac, shines bright with natural splendour. Not only does the tranquil Brac offer lush greenery and reefs rich in marine life but its pristine palm-fringed beaches are soaked in history and traditions of the island’s past. Little Cayman, the smallest of the islands, is swathed in powder-white sand and multi-hued waters that so ensnare you in its deserted arms that you’ll never want to let go.

ADMIRE the natural beauty of the Sister Islands. Vast coral reefs and shallow aquamarine bays are an important resource for the fishermen, and reel in tourists. The Brac’s steep limestone cliffs lure adventure-seekers from near and far while in Little Cayman, white sugary beaches and bright orange sunsets soothe the souls of weary island-hoppers looking to unwind.

DIVE Bloody Bay Wall in Little Cayman and world-class shipwrecks in the Brac. Both Sister Islands offer some of the world’s best dive sites and crystal-clear waters not saturated by tourists. Not a diver but still want action? You can snorkel, hike or go deep-sea fishing.

TREK and explore the islands. The Bluff, a limestone ridge which stretches almost the entire length of Cayman Brac, dominates the landscape. Reaching 43m above sea level at the eastern end, it’s the highest point in the Cayman Islands and offers hiking trails, caves, rock climbing and far-reaching views. In Little Cayman, the scene is more barefoot-on-the-beach: head to Point of Sand on a scooter for a day of laidback sunbathing and snorkelling in the shallow bay.

FISH In the Cayman Islands, fishing is often referred to as the unofficial national sport. The Sister Islands are home to some of the Caribbean’s most notable fishing tournaments and the species of fish that can be caught for sport year-round range from tuna and wahoo to mahi mahi and occasionally marlin. In the flats of the Brac’s South Hole Sound and Owen Island on Little Cayman, bonefishing, as well as fly-fishing and tarpon-fishing, are popular with locals and visitors alike.

GET LOST Lose yourself in the islands’ rich history. Both islands have national museums that highlight their intriguing maritime past. In Little Cayman you may have to dodge a rock iguana on your way in – just make sure to snap a pic with one.

SOAK up the sun at Long Bay Beach on the Brac. Perfect for hiking, it boasts dramatic views of The Bluff. In Little Cayman, kayaking over to Owen Island is a must-do. Spend the day on this uninhabited desert island and watch your worries fade away.

TOP activities and highlights:

  • Explore the islands on a scooter
  • Dive Bloody Bay Wall and The MV Captain Keith Tibbetts
  • Kayak to Owen Island
  • Trek to the top of The Bluff
  • Snorkel or swim at Point of Sand or from Brac Reef Resort
  • Watch the sunset
  • Go fishing
  • Get some rest and relaxation
  • Go in search of nature

Words by www.monicawalton.com


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