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Susanna Blackburn of Dart Realty explained that the guidelines at the Salt Creek community are there to help and certainly not hinder those wanting to create a beautiful home in a beautiful environment.“In order to ensure the development remains harmonious, the architectural guidelines offer owners an opportunity to design a home that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional and one that fits in with the stunning environment at Salt Creek,” she said. The harmony is created through the design guidelines that each home will follow. Far from just a set of rules, homeowners are encouraged to create architecturally interesting homes. Details such as mouldings and garden walls are being encouraged, as well as overhangs, porte-cocheres and entry courts. Salt Creek Ventures also says that while homeowners are free to choose the architectural teams with whom they work, they are recommending that owners work with designers that are either members of the American Institute of Architects or the Royal Society of Architects.salt-creek6

There are twenty-three lots in total, and at present fourteen lots are still available each with water frontage and a boat dock on specially designed canals that lead straight out into the North Sound. All the lots are a minimum of six feet above sea level going to as high as twelve feet on either half or full acre sites with prices starting in the low $400,000s. So far five homes have been completed all of which are identifiably different, some are reminiscent of the New England coast while others have a more traditional Caribbean looking facade, but each is unique to its owners. With several others now under construction a real community is beginning to emerge in Salt Creek. One of the first families to build their dream home in the development was the Seymours. Cheryl Seymour explained that she and her husband, Don, were drawn to the development for a number of reasons, but its feeling of seclusion while at the same time being so close to Seven Mile Beach and George Town made it a perfect pick for them. “This really is a wonderful location. It feels far away but really it is very close to everywhere,” said Cheryl. “When we came to see the site the concept of the development, the sense of community and the quality of life on offer was a perfect fit for us.”

Cheryl explained that both she and her husband wanted to create their own unique home and when the couple spoke with their architect he quickly picked up on the modern style they were looking to build with clean lines, but which still retained some traditional elements. Describing the design as transitional and encompassing the best of new and old styles, Cheryl said that in Salt Creek the couple had plenty of flexibility over what they could create in order to get the home they really wanted. “We were really free to express ourselves within the architectural guidelines, which we like because it means that the community will remain an attractive place to live. The homes will be different but there will be fundamental design aspects and harmony of the aesthetics,” she added.salt-creek7

The Seymours have managed to maintain the aesthetic harmony and have created a truly amazing, unique home. Huge windows allow natural light to flood through the home giving it a welcoming and warm feeling. The couple has also focused on creating a home where they can live both inside and outside. To make the most of the generous plots, the beautiful views and landscaping, they have incorporated the outside areas as family living space in numerous different ways.

“We were really keen to utilise the outside and create spaces where we could live our lives as much out as in,” explained Cheryl. The main terrace is home to an incredible horizon swimming pool, which has been tiled in black so the water merges seamlessly with the natural canals, and around it is an area that is perfect for relaxing and enjoying the finer things in life.

The elegant and modern architectural form of the Seymours’ house is complemented not only by the interior decor but it is also beautifully landscaped. “One of the major qualities of Salt Creek is the outside environment,” said Susanna Blackburn from Dart, who explained that the homeowners were all offered help for their gardens and outside space by Dart’s incredible team of nursery staff and designers.

Throughout the development, and as the community grows, the natural environment will play an increasing part in shaping Salt Creek. Natural trails and landscaped shaded sidewalks running through the environment link the twenty-three homes, bringing the families that will call Salt Creek home together and nurturing a real sense of belonging. While the aim is to create a genuine neighbourhood with accessibility, the lavish landscaping in between each of the homes’ gardens also ensures privacy when required by the homeowners. There is already a children’s play area specially designed for fun and safety, and cabanas and neighbourhood parks will soon appear across the site, offering spaces for the people of Salt Creek – young and old – to come together.


As well as selling idyllic plots, Salt Creek Ventures Limited is also selling a lifestyle. With five homes currently completed it is already easy to see how this community will form itself and how the homes that will be built will all play an intrinsic part in sculpting it. “The homes that have been completed are already revealing the individuality and creativity of the families that are moving into Salt Creek,” said Susanna. “While the Seymours have taken a transitional or more modern approach to the design of their home, other families are choosing more traditional designs. Not one of the homes is the same but yet they have an affinity with each other that works really well.”

In accordance with the guidelines owners will be expected to create and design homes that complement each other using aesthetically pleasing and complimentary materials with quality finishes to ensure that decks, gardens and finishes blend well with the house and other neighbouring homes; above all, the idea is to create an aesthetically welcoming community that will become a cohesive neighbourhood of real homes. As all owners must be resident on island, homes will not be locked up or sit empty for months on end. At Salt Creek, owners will know their neighbours in a community that is safe, secure and welcoming – in short a real home in a real neighbourhood.


For more details visit www.saltcreek.ky or call Kristy Rivers 525 5575

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