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Dr. Brian Backman of REVIV, Cayman Islands

Dr. Brian Backman is the Medical Director of REVIV Grand Cayman and has led the team since 2016. Dr. Backman is a physician, holding a degree from McGill University, Canada and a surgeon with 42 years of experience. We discuss with Dr. Backman the therapies available at REVIV and the multiple benefits clients can expect.


Why choose IV Vitamin Therapy or Booster shots?

BB: IV vitamin therapy and intramuscular injections are the fastest and most effective way to deliver vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids and electrolytes to the body. They bypass the digestive tract which allows the body to absorb 100% of all nutrients and hydration. 

Can anyone get a therapy and how do you determine which therapy is best?

BB: Most people can receive an IV infusion or an intramuscular injection. We undertake comprehensive medical intake protocol to ensure the safety of all of our patients. Our client age limits are 18 – 65 however, clients 65+ may also benefit from our therapies at my professional discretion. Once we have determined a client’s health and wellness objectives, an appropriate therapy will be recommended on our part.

What results and benefits can a client expect?

BB: Clients can expect to feel hydrated and energised. Our therapies also help clients sleep better, recover quickly from injury or illness and assist with mental clarity.

Is it safe and will it hurt?

BB: All of our therapies are incredibly safe. REVIV has administered over 500,000 therapies worldwide. Will it hurt? No. Our nursing staff are highly proficient in cannulation which makes the REVIV experience safe and painless.

How often can a client receive IV therapies?

BB: Our clients typically come to REVIV every 4-6 weeks. It is safe to receive a therapy as frequently as once a week. Regular therapies mean that our clients feel the benefits for much longer.

Can someone have a therapy after drinking alcohol or prior/post to sporting activities?

BB: We do not treat intoxicated clients – however, we can help to quickly alleviate the unwanted effects of a hangover. As far as sporting activities we can see clients before and after activities. Our therapies help to nourish the body, assist in recovery and repair, hydrate and provide a natural edge for those competing.

What are your most popular therapies and what are they good for?

BB: The Royal Flush and Megaboost IV are the most popular. The Megaboost IV is designed to provide the body with an approximate balance of vitamins and minerals preventing micronutrient deficiency. Your system retains the vitamins for a prolonged period of time, therefore ensuring that your body is performing at optimal levels for a more sustained period. The Royal Flush IV Infusion is a high concentration therapy with clients reporting a more profound and immediate effect.

The Royal Flush helps to reduce the negative effects of a hangover, increases energy and productivity, helps the body recover from injury and illness, decreases inflammation as well as replenishing essential micronutrients.

Are there any weight loss, skin, nail or hair benefits that clients can expect?

BB: Yes! Our products can help detoxify and replenish and some assist in weight loss and rejuvenating skin, hair and nails. Our Signature Slimboost injection has been found to help clients with their weight loss journey. As well as stimulating natural metabolism to help to burn fat, this vitamin injection also helps to regulate sleep, mood and appetite cycles. Another client favourite is Glutathione, which can help to achieve softer, clearer and brighter looking skin. Acting to fight the signs of aging, Glutathione is the body’s most important antioxidant and it helps to prevent and reverse the effects of free radicals. Clients can enjoy a natural cosmetic rejuvenation and unlock the secret to healthier skin.

Do you offer home, hotel or office services?

BB: Yes, we can treat clients in the comfort of their own home, office, hotel or even poolside. As long as it is in a safe, controlled environment under my supervision.

Is REVIV only in Cayman?

BB: REVIV started in Miami in 2011 and opened in Cayman in 2016. There are now 60 REVIV locations worldwide, making us the leading global provider of IV Therapy and Booster shots.

Will REVIV be introducing new therapies?

BB: Yes! We have exciting news! We are working on launching a new Genetics protocol that allows us to create bespoke therapies for our clients based on their DNA profile. Visit our website for updates and more information.

For more info contact REVIV Cayman:

Call: 345.743.5600


Click: www.revivme.com/grand-cayman

Visit: Grand Pavilion, West Bay Road, Grand Cayman

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