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Designer: Adriana Hoyos

REALLIFE_Adriana_Hoyos_TopTenContemporary furniture maker and designer of dreams, Adriana Hoyos has been creating picture-perfect interiors for over 25 years. Known for its timeless sophistication, her eponymously named collection, graces homes and hotels around the globe. e versatile perfectionist takes time out of her busy schedule to share what makes her tick.

Why did you choose to become an interior and furniture designer?

It was a very natural process. Ever since I was a small girl in my home country Colombia and in Ecuador where I grew up, I spent countless hours decorating and reorganising dollhouses. I come from a family that cherishes the aesthetics of things, so when it came to choosing a career, I knew it was the perfect fit for me.

Describe your design sense.

I try to follow the beat of my own drum, but be in tune with my client as well. When I create furniture I go for pieces that are simple and self-assuring, yet incorporate timeless design. My spaces are comfortable, yet discrete and sophisticated atmospheres; where you feel you’re in a special place. This is obtained by mixing soothing colours with interesting textures, both visual and tactile, and finding the right proportions to create balance in a space. My cultural roots are also always great for inspiration.

What new projects do you have on the horizon?

I am working on various projects from oceanfront residences to boutique hotels. One is Trump Ocean Club International Hotel & Tower Panama where I was commissioned to develop the interior design concept for the exclusive residences. I am also working on high-end ocean front residences overseeing the Pacific Ocean, and finishing a 15,000 sq ft residence in The Bahamas. I recently signed to design a resort and spa in the well-known vine region of Mendoza, Argentina as well. For this project I will be designing a signature furniture collection inspired by the vineyards and the geography of the region.

What is the new direction in interior design?

Definitely finding a sense of belonging in your project. I do not follow, nor am I changed by trends. Rather, I analyse the location of the project and incorporate local elements to bring a sense of belonging to it. Since the current trend is to have boutique hotels and homes that truly identify the person living there, I try to design custom furniture for each project – to make each endeavour unique and give it an exclusive personalised interior.

What can you not live without?

My beach house that faces the Pacific Ocean and is located right on the Equator – it is where I truly relax and recharge; my BlackBerry – I may leave my house without lipstick, but I do not leave the house without my BlackBerry; a measuring tape – another of my design tools that I do not leave the house without; and lastly, golf days. I love playing with my favourite partner, my husband, Eduardo.

Click here to view more of Adriana's Design Collections.


A Selection of designs by Adriana Hoyos.


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