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Tacori handcrafts exquisite jewellery for every occasion.

Like people, every piece of jewellery has a story to tell; whether carefully handed-down generational heirlooms, tokens of one’s affection, timeless promises, celebratory milestones or special tributes – all shine with many facets of symbolic meaning, personal emotion and cherished memories behind their design.


In 1969, Haig Tacorian and his wife Gilda relocated from Europe to California and established the jewellery house of Tacori; writing the first chapter in the company’s celebrated history. Tacorian shares, “I brought my passion for design and craftsmanship and fused it with classic elegance to create fine jewellery with a unique and distinctive European flair.” For over four decades now, their artisans have carefully incorporated this passion into handcrafted captivating designs that hold within them the promise of dreams and memories past.


Elegantly contemporary, yet vintage-inspired, Tacori showcases nine unique jewellery collections from classic glamour to modern sophistication in its Bridal and Fine Jewellery Collections. They include, amongst others: Tacori Crescent with its distinctive interlocking half-moon silhouette that beautifully enhances any sparkler; 18k925 a modern take on iconic glamour that blends 18- karat gold and .925 silver, hence its namesake, in bold sophisticated designs for a timeless wow-factor; Champagne Sunset which sparkles with diamonds that float and glisten with champagne-like effervescence in 3-D designs; and the Monogram Collection with its intricate diamond weaving to reflect the individuality of the owner. Whether a chunky green onyx ring, a candy-coloured gemstone necklace, delicately woven multi-strand bracelet or eye-popping diamond drop earrings, from the Fine Jewellery or the revered Bridal Collection, each handcrafted piece shines with admirable workmanship, quality and sophistication.


RingsRegularly gracing the covers of top-fashion magazines and the red carpet, Tacori officially hit the map when Chandler famously proposed to Monica with a memorable Tacori engagement ring in the television sensation “Friends”. Suddenly, every marriage-minded girl was dreaming of the ‘Monica Ring’.

The highly coveted Bridal Collection blends timeless design with handcrafted artisanship in each personalised ring to stunning effect. As symbols of connection, representing the union of individuals and generations, engagement rings and wedding bands are symbolic tokens that reflect and remind one of their unique love story and commitment to one another. Despite an array of captivating designs to suit every style and taste, Tacori understands the desire for bespoke design. Happily, the Tacori Concierge service Bangle allows for artful customisation so that one’s beloved may have a ring as original as he or she is.

As particular with their hand-selected diamonds as they are with their designs, to qualify as a ‘Perfect Harmony’ Tacori diamond the stone must be triple-certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) for quality to ensure exceptional fire, brilliance and beauty, as well as be conflict-free sourced – providing the wearer with valued peace of mind. In addition, a microscopic ‘Tacori’ is laser inscribed on every diamond’s girdle, as a mark of authenticity. Authorised Tacori retailers also extend continued dedication with complimentary sizing, general refurbishing, engraving touch-ups, polishing, cleaning, setting upgrades and lifetime care.

Offering singular works of art from the casually elegant to the dramatically glamorous, the bold styles and rich designs of Tacori’s Fine Jewellery Collection guarantee brilliant baubles to enhance every moment in one’s life. Mingling colourful gemstones and luminous diamonds with exceptional handcrafted design, the range spans such delights as delicate hand-woven doublets, intricate rainbow-gem studded necklaces, exquisite Art Decoinspired geometric bracelets and hefty jaw-dropping cocktail rings. It is this dedication to distinctive design and outstanding craftsmanship that sets the collection apart for the inherently stylish who desire distinguished jewellery to cherish for life.


Whether a movie star walking the red carpet, glamming up for a night out with friends, choosing a token to mark a milestone, or selecting a ring for life – the uncompromising artisanship and original design at Tacori promises unique handcrafted jewellery perfectly suited for every occasion and taste.

Tacori is available exclusively at Island Companies’ stores Island Jewellers and The Mansion, Grand Cayman as well as other fine jewellery stores throughout the region.


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