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Creators of perfect outdoor living environments, Oasis Pool & Spa goes beyond pools and maintenance: they also design and construct outdoor entertainment facilities, from cabanas, patios and outdoor kitchens to fire features. Established ten years ago by James Bussey, the business is a three-time winner of the Governor's Award for Design and Construction Excellence.

oasis-pool-spa-cayman-reallife-01oasis-pool-spa-cayman-reallife-06oasis-pool-spa-cayman-reallife-09 oasis-pool-spa-cayman-reallife-05 oasis-pool-spa-cayman-reallife-08 oasis-pool-spa-cayman-reallife-04 oasis-pool-spa-cayman-reallife-07 oasis-pool-spa-cayman-reallife-10 oasis-pool-spa-cayman-reallife-03 RL: How was Oasis Pool & Spa (OP&S) formed?

Oasis Pool & Spa: I came to Cayman in 2007 for a two week vacation to escape the cold Canadian winter and loved the island so much I never left. A few months later, I founded Oasis Pool & Spa and, with lots of hard work and long hours, grew the business into what it is today.

RL: What makes OP&S stand out?

Oasis Pool & Spa: We pride ourselves on being the best – not the largest – design, construction and service company. We have a team of 18 dedicated, hardworking employees who take pride in providing only the best quality for our customers.

RL: What trends are you seeing in terms of pool design?

Oasis Pool & Spa: Negative edge and perimeter overflow pools are very popular. This configuration, which creates a sleek appearance, can turn a simple pool design into a work of art.

RL: What products help your pool run more cost effectively and efficiently?

Oasis Pool & Spa: The Pentair ECO select equipment is the most energy-efficient and environmentally responsible pool equipment on the market today. Energy efficient variable speed pumps and LED lighting can greatly reduce operating costs; cartridge filters that do not require backwashing save water, and salt water chlorine generators eliminate the use of harsh chemicals.

RL: Tell us more about salt water versus chlorine pools.

Oasis Pool & Spa: This is one of the most commonly misunderstood terms in the pool industry. A salt water pool is a chlorine pool but rather than adding chlorine to pool water, one adds salt. The pool water then passes through a cell where the salt is turned into chlorine through electrolysis. The level of salt used for this system is so low you cannot taste or feel it.

RL: How can building a pool be made more affordable?

Oasis Pool & Spa: The best way to save on pool costs is to avoid cutting corners during construction. This always creates unexpected costs later. We’ve been called in to repair pools less then a year old that have literally cracked in half.

RL: What are the most important technological advances you have seen in the industry?

Oasis Pool & Spa: The biggest development in pool technology has been automation systems. Chemicals, energy usage, temperature and lighting can now all be adjusted remotely. Pool controllers have become more affordable and are now compatible with all Apple or Android devices and even Amazon Alexa. 'Alexa, turn on the spa and play my favourite song,' is one of my favourite commands.

RL: How does OP&S ensure that the whole process of building and maintaining a pool is stress free?

Oasis Pool & Spa: From design to construction, we guide you through the entire process. After your project is completed we maintain your pool and equipment to ensure it is always ready to use and trouble free.

For more information contact, James at Call: 1.345-945-7665 Visit: www.oasispoolscayman.comoasis-pool-spa-cayman-reallife-02

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