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Mirai - The Future of Green Homes

Cayman-based GreenTech Group unveil Mirai, a green technology showcase home poised to change the residential landscape of the region.

Set to break ground in 2015, Mirai is the latest vision from the team of eco-experts at GreenTech Group, a Cayman Islands based conglomerate providing sustainable products, services and eco-expertise.

Derived from the Japanese word meaning 'the future,' Mirai will be the company's showcase home and is being designed to set the Caribbean's high-water mark for technology, sustainability, durability and energy efficiency. Located on Grand Cayman, this ultra-modern LEED® Platinum, EnergyStar and Fortified Homes certified residence contains design and technology features not found in any other home in the region.

Going beyond Net-Zero energy, Mirai will be a NET+ Home, meaning it produces significantly more energy than it consumes and does so through a combination of on-grid and off-grid energy systems featuring SunPower X-Series Solar Panels and roof-mounted wind turbines. While the home will be connected to the CUC Core Programme, systems such as electric vehicle charging stations will be powered only by the sun.

Mirai will also be a surplus producer of its own water through water capture, re-use and recycling systems. The ‘butterfly‘ style roof is designed to maximise rainwater capture while keeping solar panels clean and functioning optimally, and indoor air quality will be extremely pure through the use of non-VOC materials and advanced air-filtration systems, creating a very healthy home. It will also feature eco-friendly materials and finishes throughout, in addition to automation, LED Lighting and other advanced technologies.

Durability will also be a key design factor for Mirai, the envelope is intended to be made entirely of LOGIX Platinum ICF with a concrete and ICF roof. All essential mechanical systems, including renewable energy, will be located on the rooftops and away from possible flooding. Windows and doors are high-impact rated and insulated providing not only energy efficiency but reliable protection during storms.

While the extent of the technologies and design features are not typical to most green homes, the developers of this unique home intended Mirai to serve as an idea platform for consumers, builders, developers and others who are interested in sustainable green technologies.

Setting yet another standard for the region, the home will be built using eco-friendly construction methods such as: containing site runoff, sorting and recycling used materials, diverting waste from the landfill and other such environmentally conscious strategies.

Two years in the making, the developers intend for Mirai to be the most technologically advanced, cutting-edge green home built to date in the Cayman Islands.

For more information contact James Whittaker at 345.916.7246; email: or visit: www.greentech.ky

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