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Keen on Green

1. Kabloom

Declare war on the concrete jungle with the Flower Grenade. Designed to do away with flower-free zones, these clay shells encourage you to channel your inner guerilla and lobb a little Mother Nature at the concrete jungle.


2. Ring of Flora

Perfume your abode and your meals with a delectable living herb wreath. Easy on the eyes, the herbs are grown without pesticides making them the perfect addition to your dish and d├ęcor.



3. Solar System

Light up the landscape with these earth-loving planters that are powered by the sun. Able to glow for up to eight hours and change colour, they add impact to the outdoors, not the planet.


4. Thyme to Cook

Green up your garden with the Hot-Pot BBQ. Featuring a herb garden on top and a coal BBQ below, this grill that thrills is a sizzling good time.


5. Home Grown

Grow your own green with the Living Table. Mimicking how plants naturally absorb water from the ground, it requires minimal watering whilst improving air quality and aesthetics one leaf at a time.


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