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Interior Designer Amanda Lindroth - Low Caye Luxury

"You have to resist overshelling," says Amanda Lindroth, a Bahamas based interior designer with an enviable raft of Caribbean restoration projects to her name. "Resist the orange coral!" she urges.

For over 20 years Lindroth has incorporated elements from local Caribbean vernacular to highlight her cool, classic interiors, capturing an elegance that brings a new slant to colonial island style. Her projects evoke an age of civility: of shaded verandas, home-made lemonade and high tea on sandy shores.

"I am strong on comfort and high-low mix," she explains; "my interiors do not look like they came from a catalogue." Calling her style "under-decorated," she melds traditional sensibilities with fresh modern living. "I would describe my style as island classic. I like interiors that are timeless and I love vintage furniture mixed with good upholstery, books, greenery, straw mats and lots of white." Few people look at peacock chairs with such flair as Lindroth.

Firmly embracing al fresco island life in her casually refined design schemes, she emphasises that you should play to your advantages. "The Caribbean has a strong light that makes it unique. And so our houses here are full of light and air and breeze. It's special."

Never one to rest on her laurels, Lindroth continues to seek inspiration in all quarters, from the annals of history to today's blogs. "I am currently in love with a few designers' work," she confesses. "Michele Bonan from Florence, Jean Louis Didiot from Paris and Veere Greeney from London."

A junk shop fiend for many years, Lindroth was a regular at the antique haunts while living in London as a bright-eyed fashion journalist and PR consultant in the late 80s. "I would ride my bike to the Bonham's Lots Road auction house each week. It was the cheapo saleroom but there were always treasures. It was a hoot. I really miss that part of urban life."

A far cry from Europe's flea markets, Lindroth moved to The Bahamas in 1992 at which time her treasure hunting had to go virtual, especially after discovering a strong commercial demand for her unforced d├ęcor. "I love junking in Florida but never get to go anymore. Instead I junk on websites at night. I'm addicted!"

Her energy for the endless projects she undertakes is palpable: "I never unwind." she declares. Perpetually in motion, Lindroth's latest project, the cabanas at Schooner Bay, is a fine example of what she does best. From the outside, the rush-reed capped, clapboard beach huts look unassuming, but within they are effortless chic. Whitewashed boards form a blank backdrop to overstuffed sofas, blue and white fabrics, teak furniture peppered with ocean-inspired accents, tea stained maps adorn the walls, and, of course, Lindroth's signature - antique rattan.

Evoking a bygone era, her elegant, inviting interiors embrace Caribbean culture and lifestyle to soulful effect - low caye luxury indeed.

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