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Green Building From the Ground Up

Green building is taking eco-friendliness to new heights with three products designed and manufactured to ensure minimal environmental impact, maximum energy and efficiency savings and, most importantly, peace of mind knowing you are doing your part for the Planet.

Contributing to this 'green-first' attitude to construction, NanaWall's folding glass walls add stunning architectural design and flexibility whilst inviting nature in with floor-to-ceiling clear panels. Available in hundreds of configurations, NanaWall incorporates patented Solarlux Technology with frame options ranging from recycled aluminium to PEFC-certified Douglas fir and FSC-certified pine, meranti, spruce, and American white oak. Building on over twenty-five years of research and development, NanaWall offers excellent durability regardless of climate, with testing demonstrating resistance to water penetration and options available for hurricane-approved systems, perfect for the Caribbean. Maximising available natural sunlight and warmth, NanaWall is NFRC-approved and has been awarded an Energy Star for its unique design which helps to save energy use associated with lighting and heating. The clear folding panels allow for natural air ventilation, reducing dependability on air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Having sourced the walls for your green build, now consider your roofing. Enviroshake, designed to mimic the authentic look of natural silvered cedar shake, provides the eco-conscious with an environmentally friendly alternative to cedar roofing. Comprising of 95 percent non-toxic recycled material (including wood fibres and recycled plastics), there are eight different Enviroshake profiles, all of which have been modelled on 3D images of real cedar with varying wood grains, thicknesses and sizes, providing the discerning cedar-lover with multiple options to choose from. Yet, unlike real cedar, Enviroshake is extremely durable, mould, mildew and insect resistant, maintenance-free and has been shown to withstand nature’s forces with tests demonstrating its superior performance against fire, snow, ice, rain and category five wind speeds. LEED-assessed and perfectly suited to the challenges of Caribbean elements, this cedar-alternative also transfers significantly less heat than its natural counterpart, lowering whole-home energy consumption and wastage, and helping to keep your home cooler at the height of summer.

Harnessing the scientific principle of thermal storage, Termobuild use a combination of hollow core slabs, night pre-cooling and ‘smart floors’ to capture, store and release energy on demand. At pre-construction stage, Termobuild’s team of engineers and designers work with you to tailor your green build – large or small – to incorporate their top-of-the-class concrete cooling located between the building’s walls and floors, promoting lighter architecture, material and cost efficiencies. Naturally able to retain heat and cool energy, these pre-fabricated slabs cleverly eliminate the need for cumbersome air-conditioning units by drawing upon Earth’s own resources, and provide compatibility with low impact on-site renewable energy generation. In the warmer climes of the Caribbean, the heat from the midday sun and the building’s occupants is stored in the slabs to reduce down the internal ambient temperature. At nightfall, via the fan-assisted air ducts, the cooler evening air is circulated to remove the day’s build-up of excess heat whilst pre-cooling the slab for the following day. Inbuilt monitoring sensors enable owners to adjust the building temperature when required to ensure their comfort is consistently maintained.

This harmonious relationship between people, space comfort and nature, lowers energy consumption (between 35 and 50 percent in some cases) and cost, but also negates the need for mechanical climate control systems – turning your building into one large rechargeable energy battery and reducing your building’s carbon footprint, one solar cycle at a time.

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