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Considered by many a language unto itself, art is an act of expression for both artist and owner.

Communicating emotions, ideas and observations, the art we choose is an intensely personal reflection of our tastes, beliefs and personality, and often reveals more than words. Whether a pricey work from a Master or a simple watercolour from an unknown artist, great art doesn't have a price tag, rather it provides endless emotional enjoyment while enlivening your home's décor. To discover the pure joy that can be derived from collecting art for pleasure's sake, here are three rules to keep in mind.

Buy what you love

The number one rule is to always buy art that moves you. Contrary to what many people seem to believe, art need not match your décor. Not only because chances are you will retain your art much longer than your current décor, but because the very essence of acquiring art is to enhance your life. Whether by way of expressing your individuality, stimulating a conversation or provoking new ideas, art personalises your home in a way that other décor alone cannot. The only thing that need be considered is the size of the work required to fit a particular space – everything else should be based on an emotional connection to the piece of art.

Transform a space

Art holds the promise to transform any area from a generic gathering space into an intimate and meaningful room. By choosing art you love, not only do you personalise a space, but you also harness the potential of that piece to shift the focal point of the room, and to evoke and emanate a specific feeling, as well as infuse colour and movement into the space.

Don't buy art as an investment

There is a marked difference between collecting art and investing in art, however, for most of us this is not a distinction that merits consideration. Art is subjective and putting a monetary value on it can not only diminish your emotional connection with a piece, but unless it evokes feeling – be it happiness, sorrow or peace – the likelihood is that you will tire of it quickly. Art is a relationship, a constant reminder ever present on your walls, so you really need to love it.

Above: Randy Chollette's Christmas Eve Nor'Wester done in shattered glass style, oil on canvas, 2013.

For more information visit ArtBomb: www.artbombdaily.com

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