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Redefining Luxury | Encompass Ltd., Cayman Islands

Encompass Ltd. is well versed in the art of designing and building large-scale luxury homes. It’s an undertaking that spans several years from concept to completion. Key to making the process a smooth one, according to marketing manager Tracey Kline, is a solid and enjoyable working relationship between owner and builder.

It is this focus on relationships, coupled with an unwavering commitment to quality, that has cemented Encompass Ltd.’s reputation in Grand Cayman as leaders in the construction of ultra-luxurious residential and commercial spaces.

“We choose clients rather than projects,” Tracey explains. “We are extremely hands-on and selective in the projects that we engage in, so that we are personally involved in their evolution and success.”

These relationships ensure Encompass Ltd. becomes a trusted partner for investors, owners and developers – especially if they are based overseas – and that clients return to them in years to come for both property management and future projects.

In the eight years since its inception, Encompass Ltd. has amassed an impressive portfolio of work in Grand Cayman, including Sun Serenity, a stunning waterfront villa in Cayman Kai that received the Best Single Residential Property award at the International Property Awards in 2017; the development of SeaHaven, a collection of 13 elegant canal-front villas; and the newly outfitted flagship Cartier boutique in George Town.

Thanks to their expertise in both design and construction, the team is able to employ the best techniques and materials to translate the original vision into a concrete reality and can take on every aspect of a project, from architecture to development and interior design, guaranteeing a unified and integrated approach. With a team that includes project managers, designers, field personnel, office staff and logistics coordinators, Encompass Ltd. is able to perform much of the work in-house, thereby ensuring projects progress efficiently and that every detail meets their high standards.

Beyond that, Senior Project Manager Eric Kline adds, “Encompass Ltd. strives to create residences that have a timeless appeal and are built to last: homes whose architecture and interior design will stand the test of time; where every aspect – from floors and walls to ceilings – is treated as a sculptural element; and where the painstaking selection of the best quality wood, stone and other materials ensures the aesthetics will improve, rather than degrade, with age.”

Despite offers to expand into other jurisdictions, for the time being, Encompass Ltd. has its hands full with projects close to home. The husband-and-wife duo designed and are now mid-construction on two sumptuous waterfront 5-Star branded DeckHouses at the Ritz-Carlton Resort. Also, underway are Rip Kai, a John Doak-designed 10-bedroom oceanfront estate in North Side, and phase II of Tranquility Cove, which will add a seven-bedroom villa, welcome centre and four condominiums to the existing villa, creating a first-of-its-kind in Cayman luxury micro-resort.

Now, with many vacation rental owners taking advantage of the current pause in tourism to upgrade or update their island properties, Encompass Ltd. is busier than ever and will continue to focus on raising the bar for luxury homes and commercial spaces in the Cayman Islands.

For more info contact Tracey Kline at Encompass Cayman Ltd.:


Visit: www.encompasscayman.com

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