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Designer: Sheila Newton Moses

Born in Antigua, Sheila grew up in the USA and is an Ivy League graduate of Columbia University, New York.

Born in Antigua, Sheila grew up in the USA and is an Ivy League graduate of Columbia University, New York. Currently the visionary and CEO/President of Manhattan International Group (MIG), the company is presently designing a bold, brilliant new concept in St. Lucia – an all-inclusive tourist destination that wraps itself around the culture, arts and local talents. The concept aims to preserve authentic arts and crafts as well as providing a platform for over 50 small and local businesses. With a smile on her face, you can find Sheila relaxing to the beats of the reggae islands.

RL: Why did you choose to become a destination tourist designer?

SNM: I love to travel and when I do, I like to experience local culture and entertainment. During my travels throughout the Caribbean and Africa, I found that local business owners and vendors are not always exposed to Overseas visitors, which has led me to introduce the Caribbean Market Village (CMV) to St. Lucia. The CMV will act as a tourist destination, providing a platform for local culture, arts and crafts.




RL: What was the first thing that you designed?

SNM: Preschools and After-Care centres for children.

RL: Who was your first mentor?

SNM: My father, Mr. Frederick Moses Newton, who in my eyes was a giant of a man, both in mind and character.

RL: How has your industry evolved?

SNM: The tourism industry has regressed and the mentality has become that of a closed-door, all-inclusive resort approach. This separates the tourists from the natural beauty of the people and the culture of the different islands, which has led to economic instability.

RL: What are you working on at present?

SNM: The creation of the CMV in St. Lucia will provide a tourist destination that caters to the world travellers from an authentic cultural perspective.

RL: Describe your design project?

SNM: The CMV is the ideal place for visitors to learn of St. Lucia in its truest form. There will be a vendors’ mall, Creole food court, waterpark for children, a teen village, nature trails and an organic garden. There will also be a professional business centre, a hotel and a few guest villas. We hope tourists will experience more than just a market mall – that they will experience the authentic view of a unique destination. This destination is inspired, in every way and detail, by St. Lucian talent, culture, character, history and beauty.

RL: How have new technologies helped you?

SNM: I rely heavily on my iPad, Skype, teleconferencing and video-conferencing. Our team members are located around the globe so these technologies are a great help.

RL: What is your proudest achievement?

SNM: My four year old daughter, Nikko.

RL: What inspires you today?

SNM: My MIG team members: my right hand James Sosinski, CFO; Raelene Glasgow, Executive Assistant and Executive Director; Timothy Greene, COO; my family; my best friend Maria Esbrand; and all the people who support this project.



1. Designer:

Louis Vuitton

2. Design Tool:


3. Colour Combo:

Blue, green and yellow

4. Appliance:


5. Artist:

Bob Marley

6. Car:


7. Hotel:

Sandals Grande Antigua Resort & Spa

8. Book:

It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want To Be
by Paul Arden

9. Holiday:

New Year’s Eve

10. Food & Drink:

Champagne and crab fritters

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