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Fall 2018

cayman-interior-design-reallife-wallpaperHOT TROPICS

This is not the wallpaper of your grandmother's era.

High performing and washable, the La Palma Wallpaper from the Marjorelle Collection by Catherine Martin is a paper based light vinyl that is pre-embossed to offer dramatic tropical design that’s built for island life.


cayman-interior-design-reallife-rug-2SNAPPY DESIGN

The Caiman and Espiral rugs by charlap hyman & herrero from Patterson Flynn Martin are handcrafted from natural coiled abaca.

Made-to-order, the striking rugs elevate the ordinary into something fun underfoot.




cayman-interior-design-reallife-photoframeFITS THE BILL

In this digital age where memories reside inside a phone there’s nothing better than displaying your life for all to enjoy.

Find these quirky Duck Feet Frames and more in Cayman at Design Studio.




Throw your pooch a design bone with a gorgeous woven bed from Baba Tree.

Crafted by Ghanaian artisans who receive a bonus with each purchase, these fair trade baskets are made from all natural materials for a dog bed that barks good taste.


cayman-interior-design-reallife-jar cayman-interior-design-reallife-jar-2HOLD IT!

It's the jar you wish your kid made in pottery class: quirky, cute and useful.

A perfect hold-all in the bathroom or kitchen, the Sketchwork Ceramic Jar improves countertops with its simple stoneware design and leather pull.


cayman-interior-design-reallife-mirrorIN REFLECTION

Transforming a humble everyday object into a statement piece, the COEXIST Standing Mirror fuses marble, brass and glass into an elegant item that reflects good design.


cayman-interior-design-reallife-broomDUST IT OFF

Dust bunnies beware! Thanks to the fan-shaped double ended Crack & Corner Brush no space can escape cleaning. Especially great for tight nooks and crannies when you can’t move furniture, this brush is a clean rush.


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