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Colour Your World

The number one home improvement project, paint helps set a home's atmosphere. Whether softening walls for instant serenity or breaking the rules with daring use of colour, the power of paint to dramatically transform a space is not to be underestimated. Providing the most bang for your buck, as well as instant gratification, paint can also be overwhelming high-gloss or matte? Water- or oil-based? Gleaming white or an earthy grey? Updating a space should be exciting and successful, and with our paint guide refreshing a room has never been easier.

A universal favourite, blue is known for its soothing, clean qualities - even darker shades are perceived as friendly.
The colour of concentration, green is one of the most versatile colours. Lighter shades lend an inviting, relaxed look while darker shades lend drama.
Often associated with happiness and optimism, yellow can activate memory, stimulate the nervous system and promote creativity.
Combining the best qualities of red and yellow; orange is an uplifting and positive colour. Warm and inviting, orange can inspire a sense of adventure and excitement.
Stimulating and lively, red is frequently associated with lust and passion, and in Eastern cultures, good luck.

Matte vs. Sheen

Selecting paint isn't all about colour, there is also the matter of whether to use a matte or glossy finish.

A matte finish imparts a sense of calm due to the textural element involved, and it can also camouflage minor imperfections as it does not reflect light.

At the other end of the spectrum, a glossy finish adds energy and instant glamour, but draws attention to any imperfections. On the flip-side, high-gloss paints are generally more durable – washable – making them a popular choice for high-traffic areas.

Oil-Based vs Water-Based

Oil-based advantages

  • attractive glossy finish;
  • goes on evenly for a smoother end result (good 'levelling');
  • durable, scrubbable finish;
  • offers mildew resistance because it is less porous

Water-based (aka latex) advantages

  • low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) – better for you and the environment;
  • simple cleanup with water;
  • dries quickly to permit rapid recoating;
  • more resistant to cracking;
  • stable colour retention over time – won't yellow.

New kids on the block

Oil-based 'waterborne enamels' or 'waterborne alkyds' look and perform much like oil-based options. They typically have a smooth finish due to good levelling qualities and improved environmental performance.

Steer clear blunders

  • Not prepping the walls properly. Skimping on prep time could result in peeling, flaking walls and, if using a high-sheen paint, every imperfection will be highlighted.
  • Matching paint to the fabric. Don't! Tone down paint a shade or two, otherwise the effect will be overwhelming.
  • Not removing all hardware before painting. Just do it – it'll save you time and stress down the line.
  • Going crazy with colour. Bold pops of colour are most effective when used judiciously. Balance out strong colour with neutrals.
  • The same goes for high-sheen paints – a little goes a long way.

Trade secrets

  • Darker shades often read flatter, so opt for a shinier finish.
  • Contrasting colours are energetic.
  • Artificial lights emit different temperatures: fluorescent casts a bluish tint, incandescent a yellow tint and halogen a white light – select lighting that enhances your colour scheme.

Paint like a pro

  • Hurry up and wait. Make sure to live with colours for a few days observing how they change depending on the amount and type of light the room receives – it can dramatically affect how a colour is perceived.
  • Realise your perfect shade by create a custom colour. Make sure to reserve a pot for future touch ups or so you can match it later on.
  • Continuity. Carry aspects of a bold or dominant colour from one space to the next to create a connection between rooms.

Devine color

Offering over 209 custom-mixed hues in three distinctive finishes, Powder – a suede-like matte, Delicate – a silky eggshell, and Luscious – a satiny semi-gloss, Devine Color is the must-have choice for discriminating individuals due to their zero VOCs, low odour and unique coat surfaces that impart a lush finish that‘s durable and washable.


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