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Changing Spaces

From reach-in cupboards to walk-in wardrobes, storage solutions for every space in the home are being reinvented and redefined. No matter how small or large the space or the budget, a new generation of closet designs makes keeping clutter at bay easier than ever before.


Do-It-Yourself Storage

A cut-to-fit option, John Louis's custom closets are an ideal and economical solution for homeowners with empty closets who need to organise the space within.

Designed to adapt to most storage spaces, shelves are manufactured in a standard size: 10 feet across and 12 or 18 inches deep. Handy homeowners cut these shelves to fit the exact dimensions of their space, and design the organisers to fit their specific needs. Off-cuts can be repurposed as additional shelves and accessories such as drawers, wire basket and tie racks, added to make the most of the available space.

Made from 100% White Russian pine that has been kiln dried, the shelves are strong but lightweight and available in several attractive finishes. Available at www.althompson.com

In-Home Consultation & Design

Brand Source’s fabulously functional Custom Closets,  ORG Home creates storage spaces that can be adapted to a family’s changing needs over time with the look tailored to homeowners’ taste.

A free in-home consultation and design service ensures that whatever the requirement – be it a his and hers walk-in wardrobe
or a child’s closet – the right combination of shoe racks, drawers, slide-out pant racks and open shelving accommodates their possessions. Clever extras maximise the space available: pull down rods allow for easy access to high up spaces, whilst ironing boards and full length mirrors swivel and fold away when not in use.

Created with longevity in mind, closets can be added to over time: open shelves can be replaced with drawers, or rods for baby clothes adjusted as the child grows.

A wide selection of pulls and handles, drawer fronts and doors, trims and colours ensure that each closet fits with the overall style of the home. Available at www.brandsourcecayman.com

Bespoke Closets

When pre-designed solutions don’t quite fit the bill, entirely customised closets such as those offered by Pooley Cabinets may be the answer. From freestanding units to whole dressing rooms, professional designers take the measurements and detailed notes on the owners’ requirements, then fabricate and install made-to-measure storage spaces.

Everything from extensive shoe and handbag collections to crockery and cutlery are accommodated, and non-functioning, awkward spaces are turned into stylish zones where order reigns and even the smallest of possessions are easy to find.

The number of drawers, shelves and rods are totally tailored to each customer’s needs, and the look – whether it’s sleek, contemporary lines or more ornate, traditional looks – are matched to the overall interior design.

Available at www.pooleycabinets.com


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