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Fall 2018 - Luxurious lifestyle accessories for Caribbean living

cayman-lifestyle-reallife-hatHATS OFF

Call it kitsch, but I like that the Cella Jane sun hat also comes in kid sizes so you and your half pint can match it up at the beach.

Finely woven with a wide brim and adorned with festive pom poms, it’s perfect for sun-safe selfies by the sea shore.


cayman-lifestyle-reallife-rash-gaurd-swimDIVE IN

Splash around with the Doheny Rashguard in Blue Oasis. Designed by a surfer from recycled polyester and spandex, this UPF-rated sun shirt features an extra-long and slim-cut body so you can safely play all day.


cayman-lifestyle-reallife-body-oilOIL UP

Created by Matthew Milèo to soothe his grandmothe's chemotherapy ravaged skin, this wild-crafted line of luxurious Elixir Oud comprise of premium organic botanicals that offer four distinct solutions: brightening, clarifying, soothing and detoxifying, with uncompromising results.


cayman-lifestyle-reallife-candySWEET TREAT

With the holiday season upon us, these cocktail candies are the perfect hostess gift to have on hand. With flavours ranging from champagne and rosé to tequila and vodka, these sophisticated sweets are bonbon.




Elevate your feet with the Clio Pearl sandal. Handmade using ancient Greek techniques and fashioned from chemical-free natural leather they are embellished with pearly stones for a casual glamour that  goes from sunrise to sunset.

Available in multiple colours.


cayman-lifestyle-reallife-sunglassesFRAME GAME

Handcrafted in Japan from sustainable materials, these unisex shades sport polarised protection and shatter-proof lenses.

With a portion of each purchase given to education programmes, these peepers frame a good cause.

Voyager 30 model shown.


cayman-lifestyle-reallife-sunscreenPLAY ON

Adventure smart with Surf Mud Pro, a high-performance reef safe sun stick created for the face. Chockfull of antioxidants to fight free radicals and cocoa butter for deep hydration, this ocean friendly sunblock redefines holistic luxury.


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