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Idle a While, Caribbean Villas

Short term international travel may be on hold, but longer stays – both at home and abroad – are still an option. Enjoy a change of scenery without getting on an airplane, or if you work remotely, take your laptop to a different isle and stay a while. These villa rental agencies are adapting to current travel restrictions with offers to stay, play and vacay for up to three months.


If a change is as good as a rest, then different surroundings are as refreshing as an overseas trip. Why not change up the daily routine and try out a different lifestyle for a month or two? Stay in a beachfront condo at Barkers and spend your free time kitesurfing, live the active Seven Mile Beach lifestyle or commute from Kaibo and enjoy the soulful simplicity of living in a beach bungalow. With a huge selection of rental properties ranging from one-bed condos to multi-family villas, plus the ability to book everything from private chefs to spa treatments for you, you can enjoy the vacation of a lifetime right here at home.



An island that has perfected low-key luxury, Anguilla is home to a multitude of fine restaurants, a manicured golf course and exceptional beachfront properties. Now reopening to visitors, and with tempting discounts for longer rentals, there are plenty of reasons to visit this Caribbean gem. The island’s newest boutique resort, Tranquility Beach Resort is an exquisite collection of 1- to 3-bed condos with private hot tubs, beach terraces and resort services, making the perfect home away from home.



Without the cost of flights to factor in, the holiday budget stretches further putting some of Cayman’s most spectacular properties within reach. Book the ultimate luxe escape at the award-winning Sun Serenity, a fabulous example of contemporary West Indian design sublimely situated on the sandy shores of Cayman Kai, or for a work-and-stay break, settle into a two-bedroom villa at SeaHaven, which includes an office nook and private dock. If you’d like the sea at your doorstep and a golf course next door, then the Ritz-Carlton DeckHouses are the ultimate retreat.



Open to tourists since July, the powdery beaches and upscale accommodations in Turks & Caicos are a balm for the soul in these stressful times. Specialising in staffed villas, The Source offers a collection of stunning properties – most situated on the glorious Grace Bay beach – that range from private one-bedroom oases to multi-generational estates accommodating 16 or more guests. With housekeepers, butlers, concierges and chefs on hand to attend to guests’ every whim (whilst following strict Covid-safety protocols) a vacation with The Source is a chance to leave your worries behind, and truly live in the moment.



Dreaming of a taste of the high life? Then consult the creators of five-star stays, Caymans Luxury Retreats. With a large portfolio of properties at The WaterColours, you could soon be making yourself comfortable in a luxury condo, villa or penthouse, marvelling at the jaw-dropping sea views and availing yourself of the sleek service and stellar amenities the development is famed for. Barefoot beach bum more your style? Spend days pedalling along sandy lanes and paddling over turquoise seas, and nights counting the stars at the gorgeous Rum Point Cottage – an exquisite home that will fulfil all your castaway dreams, in a delightful style.


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