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Bill Tynan & Tiffany Cassidy

A dynamic duo, Tiffany and Bill focus on renovating condominiums into personalised 'jewel boxes' for their clients.

Born and raised in Ireland, Bill has lived in USVI for the past 20 years. With 30 years international experience in commercial and residential construction, the Virgin Islands General Contractors license-holder now specialises in renovating condos into 'jewel boxes' for his clients.

A native of southern California, Tiffany has called St. Thomas home for the last 12 years. With a degree in Chemistry and a life long passion for design, this interior designer melds her creative and analytical sides by way of computer-assisted design. Tiffany's great love of the ocean and casually elegant beachside lifestyle is always evident in her designs.

Photos by: Kelly O'Brien. Living room and outdoor living space.

RL: What do you find is the greatest challenge when renovating a space?

BT: To pack all the functionality and creature comforts of a full size high-end home into a relatively smaller sized home can be a challenge. Fortunately, in our renovations Tiffany and I regularly include lots of storage, appropriately sized high-end appliances and smart home features.

RL: As a St. Thomas-based contractor, what is the most frequent request that you receive?

BT: Due to the high cost of utilities, we are often asked to create a space that is more energy efficient. To achieve this goal we install low voltage LED lighting wherever possible and use high efficiency AC systems paired with insulating glass doors and windows to lower usage.

RL: When building a home what is one element that should never be skimped on?

BT: Quality craftsmanship. The quality of installation of anything from kitchen cabinets to bath tiles always add worth and beauty to a home - something to keep in mind for resale value. Regardless of whether the materials are inexpensive basics, the way they are applied and installed can elevate them.

RL: What is unique about designing for the St. Thomas market?

TC: Outdoor living is the reason so many people choose to live here. We love fresh air and open windows all year long, so selecting fabrics and furnishings that are both stylish and functional in the tropical environment is important to the overall success of a project. Homes are meant to be lived in, so pieces must be chosen with the idea that they will not only look good, but also wear well.

RL: What is the most common mistake people make when decorating?

TC: Not putting together a plan at the beginning of a project. Proper planning from the get-go can save both time and money. Even putting together a simple mood board before purchasing items can help you to see if you really like all those products together in the same room.

RL: When designing a home what should never be skimped on?

TC: Beautiful custom drapery. Window treatments can transform a room. In a region where we love our beautiful views, we maximise that beauty with big windows. Custom treatments not only perfectly fit the size of the windows, but enhance the view while protecting interior furnishings.

RL: Describe your perfect weekend.

TC: I cherish sailing with my family in BVI.

For more information Contact Bill at: or 340.690.4311

and Tiffany at: 340.643.7289 or view more of her designs at: www.lagnappe.com

A selection of Bill and Tiffany's renovated 'jewel boxes.'

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