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Must-Haves: Surface Appeal

Surface Appeal - Sconces

Adding architectural edge to walls along with illumination, the Gridlock Sconce was inspired by the Brutalist movement. sconce-gridlock-caymanAssembled by hand from thousands of brass parts, the Philippe Malouin for Roll & Hill light has raw appeal. www.rollandhill.com

sconce-holly-hunt-caymanDesigned by Alison Berger for Holly Hunt the AB Lure Sconce is a luminous mix of hand blown glass and bronze hardware. Inspired by the elegant simplicity of fishing poles, it uses a grommet and reel to hold the lamp line in place. www.hollyhunt.com

sconce-adelman-caymanEach one-of-a-kind Catch Sconce has opal glass blown directly into the brushed brass fixture. Illuminating a brief moment in time, the two elements fuse together as the glass cools and organically slumps due to gravity. www.lindseyadelman.com

sconce-vibia-caymanProviding striking ambient light, set by XuclĂ  for Vibia is both decorative and utilitarian. With moveable elements it can be as grand or modest as required, transforming walls with a play of light and shadow. www.vibia.com

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