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Dimples are cute, but not on your thighs, tush, tummy or arms. The ultimate bête noir, cellulite affects nearly 90% of all women. While diet, exercise and genetics play an important part in the severity of affliction, it is not a weight issue. Rather it is the ultimate equaliser refusing to distinguish between slim or sizeable, fit or flabby, young or old. Striking when enlarged pockets of fat push through weakened connective tissue, cellulite causes a dimpled, orange peel-like appearance on the skin. More likely to present when connective tissues are weakened due to excess fat deposits, poor muscle tone and fluctuating hormones, amongst other reasons, cellulite cannot be cured. Mercifully though, there are myriad effective methods to diminish the dimple and embrace super smooth skin.

watermelonFOOD & WATER

Like Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” So if you want perfect pins put down the saltshaker and pick up the water glass.

Salt causes fat cells to swell making cellulite more noticeable, while water keeps connective tissues strong. It’s those connective tissues that keep cellulite under wraps. Literally.

Consuming high-water content foods is an easy way to increase water intake. These include: watermelon, strawberry, cantaloupe, pineapple, orange, tomato, zucchini, radish, celery, pepper and broccoli. An added bonus is that water-rich fruits and vegetables naturally and effectively provide essential amino acids, mineral salts and vitamins. Get fresh goods on island at The Market at The Cricket Grounds.


Prevent and reduce cellulite with a regular routine of hitting the gym. A mix of high-intensity cardio and strength training has proven most effective since it tones and burns fat.

If a squat, lunge, run, repeat regime has you sweating before you’ve even begun head to F45 Cayman Islands. Merging three results-qualified fitness techniques into one training style, F45 offers group classes that burn fat while building muscle to make you fitter, faster and your stems sleek. www.f45training.com/caymanislands

If personalised workouts are the preference, Balance Cayman is the answer. With creative tailored programmes designed according to clients’ health and fitness goals, their one-on-one approach is perfect for busy individuals. www.balancecayman.com


Around for centuries, dry brushing exfoliates the skin, boosts blood circulation, and stimulates the lymphatic system, all which help to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Look for a natural bristle brush that is firm, not hard. The idea is to improve skin tone, not scratch and damage the epidermis.

In the morning before bathing use long and short upward strokes starting at the feet and brushing firmly towards the heart. Like with most things, consistency is key to achieving results. Choose from a selection of brushes at Island Naturals to get gorgeous gams.



A welcome addition to any health and beauty regime, massage is known to boost circulation, aid in lymphatic drainage and reduce fluid retention to plump up the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. While the effect may be temporary, results can be enhanced and prolonged with the addition of certain topical solutions.

Such is the case with the Cellutox Aroma Spa Ocean Wrap. A detoxifying blend of sea plants and marine algae, lumps get blasted while you bliss out and become bump free. Available on island at www.touchofthai.ky


A painless procedure that provides instant results, the Shrinking Violet Body Wrap is ideal for trouble areas like the thighs, bottom and stomach. Byway of lipolysis, fat cells are shrunk and then eliminated by the body through the lymphatic system, ultimately removing inches off treated areas. Softening and smoothing, think of it as the perfect treatment when you need to get leggy like before Carnival. Available on island at www.beyondbasics.ky



As the company says, Air Lite Daily Lift for Legs is not just “another cellulite cream.” The pioneering formula penetrates deep into the skin to provide lypolytic action that discourages cellulite and fluid retention while enhancing circulation and skin tone. Infused with a revitalising lemon scent, this contouring salve energises tired legs to keep them healthy and dimple-free. Slather it on for sexy stems. Available at www.legology.co.uk


Disguise dimples with a tan. By creating the appearance of an even skin tone, Versapro Heated Sunless Spa has a slimming and smoothing effect on the body. Derived from sugar cane, the natural and controllable mist offers everything from a golden glow to a deep bronzing while taking uncertainly and skin damage out of the equation. When only an even hue will do, get a sunless sun kiss. Available on island at www.tipsntoes.ky



A non-surgical method that effectively targets stubborn cellulite, Venus Freeze is ideal for body contouring. Harnessing the power of multi-polar radio frequency and pulsed magnetic fields, the cutting-edge technology both tightens skin and stimulates collagen growth for long-lasting results.

The first FDA cleared aesthetic technology, treatment is akin to a warm massage with the added benefit of smoothing out dimples and tightening the epidermis. Pain-free and requiring no downtime, it is the order of the day when firmer, younger, dimple-free legs are desired. Available on island at www.beyondbasics.ky

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