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Seeing the Wood for the Trees


With over fifty veneer laminates representing many of the most beautiful, and oftentimes threatened, wood species in the world, the Massachusetts company offers customers the real deal: authentic wood veneers, engineered to eliminate many of the naturally occurring imperfections in both grain and colour, in the form of easy-to-use laminates. With this guaranteeing what Creative Director, Geoff Schaeffer calls, “reassuring consistency” for design spaces of any size, wood veneers manage to communicate the look, feel and warmth of their exotic hardwood counterparts but at a fraction of the environmental and economic costs.

Operating in accordance with stringent European E1 standards on emissions, and using only the most current environmental techniques during production, the company’s Italian manufacturers, ALPI, share a commitment to sustainable forestry practices. Utilising fast-growing FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council) Italian Poplar and sustainably harvested West African Ayous as base wood products, as well as water-based dyes and stains free of chrome and other heavy metals, the company donates one percent of annual sales to environmental projects courtesy of member organisation 1% For the Planet.


Capturing the stylised look of high-end designs, products come in six avant-garde collections all offering sumptuous tonal depths, rich striations and intense textures, making them a top pick for designers seeking quality in a unique look. Suited to sheer angles or graceful curves, laminates are capable of adapting to a multitude of different applications. Paper-backed or High Pressure Laminate-backed for ease of installation, the company boasts a host of technical support quipping that their products are, “Reliable and consistent like an accountant, so you can be wild and creative like a rock star.”

Paradoxically, it is this seeming contradiction that speaks volumes about the genius of wood veneers. With irresponsible harvesting of trees threatening the world’s exotic hardwood forests and wreaking havoc on the natural environment, Treefrog’s quietly responsible wood veneers offer uncompromising luxury, but this time without holding the environment to ransom. Here, appearance and reality become integral aspects of the organic whole, revealing beauty that shines from the inside out.


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