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Restful Retreat

1. Wooded Wonder

Bring the outdoors in with the bespoke forged Tree Bed. Wrought by hand from metal this unique shelter creates an indoor wooded wonderland complete with a lofty nest.
Also available in white.



Photo by Anita Bowen

2. Sleeping Beauty

With hand-carved detail and upholstered in fine Belgian linen, this fetching neoclassical inspired four-poster bed built from solid oak with a burnt finish, beguiles you to bed down.



3. Stud Sack

Comprised of birch and delicately-coloured primavera veneers, the Carlton Bed is a sack out success by way of contemporary studded styling for an edgy effect.



4. Snooze Control

Take a trip to cloud nine while comfortably cocooned in the Voyage Bed. Made for both indoor and outdoor use, the buri wrapped frame adds an exotic element to any space.



5. Sway Way

Swing yourself to sleep with this Hanging Bed. Handmade from reclaimed Douglas fir and repurposed hardware from old factory carts,
it is sure to sway even the most ardent terra firma fans.



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