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Resinating Style

Words by Juliet Austin

It was visionary artist and poet, William Blake, who observed, "What is now proved was once imagined," a concept in which the innovators behind Veritas’™ ResinArt Panels must have been well versed. Concerned with, “redefining the possibilities of modern resin products,” the instigators behind the enlightened range dared to imagine a product with unlimited creative possibilities. Little did they know that in doing so, they were pioneering a new face for architectural and interior design.

Endlessly versatile, these resin panels offer differences in opacity and translucence for varying degrees of light penetration, while the infusion of decorative interlayers offers a tangible design solution to anyone who has ever dreamt of bringing the swaying grasses of the savannah into their living room or the intrinsic beauty of bamboo to their workplace. Using an unlimited colour palette alongside a wide array of standard and customised textures, gauges and patterns, a wealth of effects can be generated.

Fresh-faced and decidedly de rigeur, encapsulated textile interlayers – seen in designs like Harvest, Bonsai and Savannah – add unprecedented and compelling depth to interior and exterior environments alike by using materials such as luminous botanicals, perforated metals, real wood veneers, geometric patterning, and intricate weaves of glass and paper.

Furthermore, custom digital prints, screenprinted in solid and metallic inks as seen in the Links, Collage, Kaleidoscope and Lancet series, deliver style that is undeniably cutting edge. Some selections even lend themselves to vacuum forming, opening up a whole new range of applications for designers wishing to explore the dynamics of surface texture.


Made of an environmentally friendly proprietary polyester-based resin, containing no hazardous substances or heavy metals, with 40% postindustrial recycled content, the blend provides superior impact strength and chemical resistance for extra abrasion resistance. What is more, for those in Caribbean climes, the company’s UV inhibitor blend offers extra protection for applications where sun exposure is a consideration.



In a spirit not dissimilar to Thoreau’s, Veritas’™ resin panels revel in, ‘building castles in the air and putting foundations under them’, with textiles that redefine the limits of possibility and enable customers to become the designers.

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