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Quartz in the Spotlight

Having pioneered quartzite surfaces since its inception on an Israeli kibbutz in 1987, California-based CaesarStone boasts the largest semi-precious stone surface collection on the market. Blazing a trail in innovative design, its newest inspirational collections, Concetto and Motivo, push the bounds of creativity to parade a tiptop line-up in über-luxurious stone surface art. With Florida its strongest market presence, those in the Caribbean with discerning tastes and an appetite for the extraordinary may just have stumbled upon design nirvana.

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rl_winter_2011_page_38_image_0005Surface Appeal
In perfect synchronicity with leading fashionistas and design principals, the Concetto collection answers demand for something spectacular and edgy in high-end décor. Strutting its stuff with a selection of nineteen semi-precious stones, hand-cut and embedded in polymer resin, each bespoke surface is akin to, “an original work of art in every slab.” Living large at last year’s Annual Academy Awards, Concetto’s unforgettable 1,100 lb Hematite masterpiece bar graced the exclusive backstage lounge for Oscar presenters and honourees, proof to any doubters of its immense design clout.

Combining the innate brilliance of nature, artisanship and cutting-edge technology, raw materials are sourced from licensed quarries as far a-field as Israel, Brazil and Madagascar, including Brown Agate, traditionally sought after for its protective powers, luminous White Quartz, radiating purity and serenity, and beguiling Tiger Eye, thought to raise energy levels and enhance concentration. Kiln-cured and polished to a lustrous and enduring shine, these “gifts from nature” suit a diversity of design applications from kitchen and bathroom surfaces to walls, floors and furniture. Non-porous and highly heat, stain and scratch resistant due to its hardness rating of seven on the Mohs scale, translucent designs even lend themselves to atmospheric backlighting, creating a three dimensional, opaque effect– aweinspiringly beautiful with an unmatched timeless appeal guaranteed to transcend any utilitarian function.

Whether used as a stunning entranceway, eye-catching backsplash or elegant vanity, Concetto’s versatile surfaces guarantee to transform any room from humdrum to haute couture. Incorporating stunning bands and contours of Tiger Eye inlays into his latest limited edition furniture line, designer Daniel Germani states, “Each surface tells a story… thousands of years in the making. And just when you thought they had reached their creative apex… comes Motivo.

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rl_winter_2011_page_39_image_0002Leather & Lace
Bursting onto the scene in August 2009, Motivo’s show-stopping textured finishes are wildly avante-garde, providing a striking visual and tactile experience and upping the ante on glamour. Developed in response to an upsurge in consumer demand for patterned wallpapers and fabrics, their groundbreaking embossed designs use patented technology to apply pattern to durable quartz surfaces… no seams, no grout, no paste and with the surety of a residential lifetime warranty. Using a polishing method involving brushes that probe different depths, and contrasting matte and gloss finishes, intricate motifs add character, dimension and intrigue to interiors like Crocodile – Motivo’s daring finish with its hip, leather-like appearance in exotic black or its antithesis, Lace, which balances traditionalism with trendsetting, courtesy of its delicate, white floral tracery.

It may well be mind-blowing to imagine a product with such boundless versatility that it can be all things to all people, yet, in the hands of elite designers and forwardthinking architects, quartz’s finger-onthe- pulse wow factor has proven its power on the design scene time and again. Looking into the future, it is crystal clear quartz will continue to court an adoring fanbase and, in doing so, carve out a niche for itself as the surface that rocks.

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