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Developer: Paul Pearson

REALLIFE_Paul_Pearson_TopTenHaving travelled the world, this Irish-born property developer, chose to set down roots in Cayman. Establishing Davenport Development’s in 2006, he continues to grow their stylish portfolio of properties.

Why did you choose to become a developer?

It was the classic opportunity meets initiative: after Hurricane Ivan (2004) we saw that Cayman was in need of smaller, lower priced, yet high quality apartments. I was looking for a change from hospitality so I jumped at the chance to be involved.

What was your first development?

Valencia Heights: A complex of 33, two-bed apartments on Crewe Road in Grand Cayman.

Who was your first mentor?

My father and my grandfather. My father always told my siblings and me that we were smart and could achieve anything we aimed for. He taught us that with hard work and innovation anything is possible. My mother's father was a man of quiet strength. He had 14 children and made his living operating a crane on the dockyard. He rarely raised his voice and was always supportive of my dreams to travel the world and seeing everything that life has to offer.

Describe your design style.

Ever evolving. Our first project was an ode to traditional Caymanian design with some added flair. Now we use a very European style. I am heavily influenced by Spanish, Italian and New Modern architecture.

What are you working on at present?

We are starting two amazing beach houses called Opus I & II. They are 5,934 sq. ft. each, extremely modern, with a South Beach vibe. We are also about to break ground on Crystal Cove – a development of five ultra-modern and high-end homes in Crystal Harbour. Of course, we are also in the process of starting Phase II of San Sebastian.

How has your field changed in recent years?

Developers need to be aware of a client’s budget; understand that they are savvier; and they will expect more for their money in terms of upgrades and standards. The advent of ‘green’ building also has changed developing property. People want to make sure that the environment is affected as little as possible by their footprint.


What are the five things you cannot live without?

My partner, my family, my church family, my Blackberry and my computer.



View Paul's latest project: Opus I & II, beach front at Old Prospect, Grand Cayman

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