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Postcard from St. Barths

Travel TV host and journalist, Monica Walton heads to St. Barths. Here's her quick guide on how to soak it all up in a few days.


Stay at chic, bohemian retreat Le Sereno. Set on one of the most spectacular beaches in St. Barths, it is, as its name implies, a serene and luxurious boutique hotel overlooking Grand Cul-de-Sac beach. With sleek, elegant and spacious suites leading right out to the ocean, the glistening morning views from the back porch are to die for.


Eat exquisite French Caribbean cuisine at one of the many gourmet restaurants scattered across the island. Have lunch in the quaint capital, Gustavia, and watch the sailboats sway in the breeze or tuck into fresh Calamars Façon Provençale against an aquamarine backdrop at Nikki Beach or Eden Rock. The passion for sublime cuisine here means many one-of-a-kind dishes are on offer, and you’ll feel yourself falling deeper and deeper in love with this island.ST-JEAN


Swim with turtles at Grand Cul-de-Sac beach – a vast, emerald green lagoon by Le Sereno, or bronze under the Caribbean sun on powdery white St. Jean, the most famous strip of sand on the island. Fancy seeing something different? Feel the crunch of millions of teeny-tiny shells under your toes at Shell Beach, a pretty bay near Gustavia that is perfect for photo-ops and lazy afternoons doing nothing at all.


Jump on a moped and explore the island. Only eight square miles, this sophisticated and mountainous island is packed with fashionable tourists and locals donning helmets and zipping through the narrow, cobbled streets. The best way to get around, with each gust of wind that blows through your hair, you'll feel further and further away from your worries.


Watch the sunset at Do Brazil, a modern, chilled-out restaurant and bar on Shell Beach. Come a little early, grab a martini and a shady spot under the jagged cliffs before indulging in the catch of the day and watching the sun fade into the ocean. If it's a clear day you'll see the silhouetted St. Martin and the other nearby islands on the horizon.


Trek up to the look out point at Columbier Orientation Table. It's a gorgeous panoramic viewpoint overlooking the bright blue waters and sprawling mountains that frame this tiny piece of paradise. If you’re up for a challenge, take the path down to Columbier Beach, the views are equally as breath-taking.


Shop for French couture and boutique fashion finds in Gustavia and St. Jean. Meander through stylish locals and trendy tourists to get to Quai de la Republique and Rue de Roi Oscar II by the harbour and you’re in for a day of splurging.

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