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Passman_Tagua_1Since the company's founding on the island of Grand Cayman in 1975, the unique direction of the Caribbean design house, PASSMAN, has been to unlock the lustrous beauty of an incredibly rare and organic medium, black coral.

This legacy of PASSMAN, the passion for innovative, exclusive, natural materials, serves as the continuing inspiration for the new fall collection of jewellery designs from company Creative Director, the legendary Omar Torres.

Torres is proud to be introducing these new collections, which feature his unique incorporation of Damascus steel, Palo Santo hardwood and Tagua, an incredible gem of nature.

Tagua palms, found in the South American tropics from Panama to the Andes, produce large seeds that Torres is using as a responsible alternative to white coral and ivory. Tagua has an unequalled combination of a pure white colour, a gemstone-like hardness and durability and an almost opal-like sheen, making it a very special gem indeed.

These incredible properties inspired his latest creation, the "Luna" collection. Torres says that this "dash of moonlight" brought to his designs by the distinctive colour of Tagua provided him with the name Luna, which means moon. Using 18kt gold and diamonds in combination with his newcomer, Tagua, the Luna collection looks to be a new classic for PASSMAN.

Discerning travellers and residents of Grand Cayman and St Thomas have long known PASSMAN and the colourful history of its founder Bernard K Passman, recognised worldwide for his designs and famous commissions in black coral.

Today, PASSMAN continues their design heritage of fine jewellery and sculpture using the company's vintage coral along with a wide selection of traditional and exotic luxury materials. Designed now by Creative Director Omar Torres, PASSMAN creations can be found in their eponymous stores on Maui, in Las Vegas and Ketchikan, Alaska.


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