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Luxury Caribbean Getaways - Malliouhana Hotel & Spa in Anguilla

Imagine...a tiny tropical island in the British West Indies. You gaze out across the unfathomable horizon, senses alive, and body still tingling from the warm Jacuzzi jets. From your private balcony vantage, perched high on a soaring cliff top, your eyes trace the sweeping white sands outlining an endless shoreline. "Fly me to the moon," you hum. "And let me dance among the stars..." And while you play Caribbean Queen, Malliouhana is ensuring that your kids discover life is a beach.


REALLIFE_Malliouhana_Hotel_and_Spa_Anguilla_InteriorWho said that adults were first in line when they created luxury? Unlike other über-luxe resorts, the brains behind Anguilla’s Malliouhana Hotel have not overlooked the needs of their younger guests. While parents soak up the heady blend of warm Caribbean hospitality and luxuriate in the understated European elegance, those with their sites set on a slightly different version of R&R are invited to enjoy their very own playground paradise.

With fully supervised beach play areas targeted specifically at 2-5 year olds and 5-12 year olds, what self-respecting ankle-biter is going to pass up the opportunity to wallow in the shallow waters of the paddling pool with its soft spray fountains or ‘take to the high seas’ aboard the resort’s 26-foot pirate ship complete with riotous water canon, padded pirate punching bags and 60- foot long water propelled slide?


For those seeking a bigger splash, there is the adjacent 11- foot deep diving pool with double springboards and for those ‘too cool for school,’ teens can partake in complimentary watersports activities ranging from water-skiing and sailing to snorkelling and windsurfing. Simply stated: it does not get much better than this.

Opened in 1984 by father-son owner-managers Leon and Nigel Roydon, Malliouhana Hotel and Spa sits resplendent on twenty-five sprawling acres of lushly landscaped grounds on Anguilla’s northwest coast, where their proudest boast is having four traffic lights and thirty-three beaches. Red tile roofs and rustic terracotta tiling are set off by whitewashed walls, elegant arches and towering columns, while high ceilings, window walls and walkways festooned in languishing bougainvillea reinvigorate the tropical motif. Blending Mediterranean design and French Riviera style with classic, understated Caribbean chic played out in dark walnut woodwork, rattan furnishings and oversized Haitian artwork, the resort’s goal is clear:

“To offer our guests total relaxation and quiet privacy.”

Constantly updating and reinventing itself to accommodate its ever-growing adoring clientele, the hotel was recognised on the prestigious Condé Nast Traveller 2009 Gold List and was the sole Caribbean hotel selected as the Best Hotel for Food on the Condé Nast Traveller 2010 (UK) Gold List.

To learn more contact (264) 497-6111 or visit www.malliouhana.com for information on Malliouhana Hotel and Spa’s latest guest packages.

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