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London-Based Interior Designer Nicky Murray

Known for her bold, confident designs as much as her enthusiasm and passion for her chosen field, the co-founder and creative visionary behind recently established Liberty Designs, Nicky brings over 15 years to the new endeavour.

Experienced with both residential and commercial properties internationally, the London-based designer draws inspiration from all aspects of life from her exotic travels to attending fashion and trade shows. With an aptitude for "getting inside her clients' heads," the intrepid adventurer consistently delivers extraordinary interiors that dare to be different.

RL: Where did your passion for interior design come from?

NM: I began my career as a roofing designer at seventeen and studied interior design in university. I always knew what I was interested in and have never looked back.

RL: Describe your design sense, how your style has evolved and what your influences are.

NM: Life experiences such as worldwide travel have been a strong influence on me over the years. From the Amazon to the Arctic, I feel inspired by not only places but by people and their cultures. The result is that my style is a fusion of classic contemporary eclectic. I like my design to create conversation, so a challenge is always welcome. I dare to be different.

RL: Tell us about Liberty Designs.

NM: Liberty Designs is unique from all other design companies as we offer bespoke furniture packages at competitive prices. We realised there was a gap in the market for both residential and commercial properties to obtain high-quality, luxurious interiors that were both practical and cost-conscious.

RL: Why should one consider bespoke interiors?

NM: Bespoke interiors are a great solution for not only making your home your sanctuary, but to allow your personality to be reflected in the living space. Also designing furniture pieces that are made-to-measure utilise every inch of your home and are a great solution for filling awkward spaces.

RL: What are you working on at present?

NM: At the moment we are working on high-end residential properties across Europe and the Caribbean as well as commercial projects such as restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Casa Luna in Grand Cayman has been a particular pleasure because we did the entire showhome from the studs up.

RL: How does working in the Caribbean differ from the UK?

NM: It's very exciting as we are able to use a different colour palette and bring tropical outdoor elements inside. Designing furniture for more open spaces as well as outdoor living is a welcome challenge. Thankfully the business model we've created works globally.

RL: What are the most exciting things happening in interior design today?

NM: Texture in flooring and wall coverings - it can really add depth to a room. And the fact that people are more willing to push design boundaries.

RL: How have new technologies helped you?

NM: Infinitely. Computer visualisations have come on leaps and bounds. Now we are able to show a client an "exact photo quality image" by producing computer generated images (CGI's).


1) Architect - Zaha Hadid. 2) Designer - Lee Broom.
3) Colour Combo - Opposites in the colour wheel. 4) Artist - Lorenzo Quinn; Mauro Perucchetti; and Dale Chihuly.
5) Hotel - Claridges London for the ambiance and iconic history; Eden Roc in St. Barths for its boutique experience. 6) Book -The Hour between Dog and Wolf by John Cootes.
7) Holiday - Italian Riviera for its romantic elegance and food. 8) Meal - The Witchery's Secret Garden in Edinburgh and The Cliff in Barbados for its amazing atmosphere.
9) Drink - Vodka soda and fresh lime 10) Museum - Pompeii.

Lorenzo Quinn's "Finding Love".


To learn more

please visit: www.libertydesigns.ky and www.cornerstonegroup.ky

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