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design-studio-cayman-reallifeA tasteful addition to the tabletop, the oversized round-footed Trivet Top and Demijohn Cloche ring with style. Carved from reclaimed wood, the tray is both serving platter and trivet while the antique glass dome keeps food fresh.

Available in Cayman at www.designstudio.ky

kitchen-cayman-storage-reallifeAdd colour with a vibrant Mexican planter. A wonderful choice to grow herbs for the kitchen, there are a variety of sizes and animals to choose from.

Available in Cayman at www.vigoro.ky

kitchen-cayman-reallife kitchen-cayman-reallife-02The world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirit, Seedlip is a discriminating choice for those abstaining from alcohol. Made like gin, the sophisticated elixir combines different botanicals with spices from a 400-year old recipe to offer Garden 108 and Spice 94.


Considered the Rolls Royce of mortar and pestles, this black granite version is designed to maximise surface contact to improve grinding and pounding performance.


stasher-bags-cayman-kitchenSimplify life with Stasher Bags, the first and only self-sealing bags that are endlessly reusable and dishwasher safe. Made from food-grade silicone they can be used for sous vide cooking.


Available in Cayman at www.bonvivant.ky

ab-fab-cayman-bowl-reallifeHand painted and finished with a glossy glaze, this convex shaped vessel is the perfect fruit or salad bowl.

Available in Cayman at www.abfabfurniture.com

kitchen-cayman-reallife-bottlekitchen-cayman-reallife-bottle2Collapsible, BPA-free and made from food-grade silicone, Que Bottle is your new best friend. Safe for hot and cold beverages, it's odour free, stain and bacteria resistant and comes in two sizes and a rainbow of colours. Need I say more?


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