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Quintessentially an island company, Arch and Godfrey has been responsible for many of Cayman's most significant and important edifices, both residential and commercial, over its 42 year legacy, evolving with the islands to build a country from the ground up.

With over forty years of construction experience, an impressive portfolio of prestigious developments and a long list of satisfied customers under their belt, Arch and Godfrey is without doubt one of the most successful and well respected general contractors in the Cayman Islands.

The company was formed by Henry J. Arch Sr., Arthur H. Arch, Heber G. Arch and Townend and Godfrey Brothers Ltd. in 1972, to meet the needs of the rapidly developing Cayman Islands. From its formation, Arch and Godfrey has continued to be at the forefront of Cayman's construction industry.

Demand for quality construction was high, and Arch and Godfrey was ready to meet that demand. The firm's earliest projects were private residences, designed by Heber Arch. From there they took on larger scale condominium projects – Lacovia, Villas Pappagallo, Cayman Coves – that are familiar names and sights to anyone who knows Grand Cayman.

Since then Arch and Godfrey's projects have included everything from retail stores to schools and office buildings. They count among their recent projects some of the most innovative, high-end developments on Grand Cayman, including the WaterColours, Casa Luna, Seaview and Appleby Tower in central George Town.

The construction of Owen Roberts International Airport Terminal in 1984, however, remains one of the firm's proudest achievements, especially given that they were able to deliver the finished project months ahead of schedule.

It is this commitment not only to meet, but exceed, expectations in terms of cost, time and quality, that has established Arch and Godfrey as industry leaders in construction.

"Building solid relationships with our clients has always been a priority for us. We ensure they get the best value for money and advice available and that in turn earns their trust and confidence," says Managing Director, Garth Arch.

The WaterColours on Seven Mile Beach and Casa Luna in South Sound are the result of two such long-standing relationships. The WaterColours, is the fifth project they have taken on in partnership with developer Fraser Wellon. A landmark development, the ultra-luxury beachfront residences are located in what is currently the tallest building, and the only ten storey structure in the Cayman Islands.

A hidden treasure on the South Sound coastline, Casa Luna is a breathtaking blend of tropical gardens, Old World-inspired architecture and Caribbean beachfront living. Casa Luna is the ninth project Arch and Godfrey has undertaken in partnership with developer Hugh Hart.

Employees, as well as clients, are highly valued at Arch and Godfrey and the directors are quick to attribute their success over the past four decades to the skilled, dedicated team they have built. This appreciation has resulted in a happy and loyal workforce. "When people come to us they tend to stay with us," says Mr Arch. "We have almost no turnover of staff."

Moving forward, Mr Arch will ensure the family firm continues to take this personal yet professional approach to business, while embracing all the latest technologies and advances in sustainable design and construction, guaranteeing that Arch and Godfrey stands out as one of the most modern construction firms in the Caribbean.

This page, clockwise from top left: The 2014 Arch and Godfrey team; Seaview; Appleby Tower; The WaterColours; Casa Luna Left page, clockwise from top: Michael Godfrey, Heber Arch and Garth Arch on site in 2014; The Sun article from 1984 on Owen Roberts International Airport (ORIA); construction of ORIA; ORIA today; Heber Arch, Henry J.Arch Sr. and Michael Godfrey.

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