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When seeking dramatic, soul-stirring spaces, marble and granite have long been the must-have materials. Recently though, those in the know have started to gravitate towards porcelain thanks to Inalco’s revolutionary iTOPKer and Slimmker lines.

Fed up with trying to fit tiles around fixtures like sinks and cooktops only to end up with unsightly cracks and joints that marred the beauty of the material, the Spanish ceramics firm was spurred into action. Since developing their proprietary method in 2009, homeowners and developers have been flocking to the groundbreaking company whose lines offer hitherto unimaginable application opportunities.

slimmker-showerAvailable at family-owned ITC Tiles Cayman, the exclusive dealer in the Cayman Islands, Inalco’s iTOPKer line of porcelain slabs unlock infinite design flexibility thanks to their 12mm thickness and extra large slab size of 1500mm x 3200mm. Similarly, the Slimmker line offers enviably slim slabs at 6mm, but with the cutting-edge design opportunities of the extra-large format, also at 1500mm x 3200mm.

Not only do these innovative lines provide the capacity for smooth, joint-free, unbroken surfaces, they are also high performance.

Formed from fired ancient clays and sands, the planks provide the appearance of delicate elegance, but offer a strength unmatched by market rivals. Whereas stone crumbles under water, heat and pressure, Inalco porcelain can withstand all the outdoor elements tropical living can throw at it, from scorching temperatures and high winds to heavy rains and UV rays. Indoors, chefs need not hold back from slicing and dicing as blades won’t scratch or chip the surface. Hot pans won’t leave a mark and spilled wine wipes right up, even after many hours. Resistant to staining, mould and bacterial build up, Inalco’s iTOPKer and Slimmker porcelain also contributes to LEED-certification. If that weren’t enough, unlike granite and marble, the lines don’t require any particular care or attention to maintain their luxurious appearance.

itc-tiles-cayman-inalcoiTOPKer and Slimmker also offers a dizzying selection of 40 styles to suit any taste or trend, all of which can be topped off with a choice of finishes – natural, bush-hammered or high gloss polish – to impart spaces with an atmosphere from timelessly elegant to current and cool.

Inalco’s latest offering in the iTOPKer and Slimmker range is Touché. Delivering the beauty, purity and depth of ultra-white marble but with the strength and versatility of their porcelain tiles, Touché’s marble-like appearance is as dazzling as its possible applications.

Highly original and design-forward, Inalco’s lines unlock unique design opportunities thanks to their unparalleled large slab format, resistance to wear and tear and exquisite appearance.


itc-logoTo learn more contact ITC Tiles:
Call: (345) 945 3798
Visit: www.caymantile.com
Facebook: CaymanTile

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