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High-tech Home Automation

automated-technology-crestron-cayman-2Crestron Electronics

A leading provider of smart automation technology for over 40 years, Crestron is suitable to manage homes, offices, schools, civic buildings and more. It streamlines and simplifies all elements allowing control of audio and video, lighting, heating, security and entertainment to offer ease and energy efficiency, all at the touch of a button.

With endless user options from simple handheld remotes to in-wall touch keypads or iPad control, their two-way feedback lets you instantly see what is happening at home or the office from the palm of your hand. www.crestron.eu


Run on Mac OS X, iOS smartphones and tablets, Savant is a high-end home automation system that enhances energy efficiency and is entirely customisable.


Although it requires professional installation it has great features that bring audio, security, climate and lighting needs into one device. It even includes a unique in-home communication system allowing you to talk from your iPhone into the home’s intercom system.

Designed to suit the way you live, Savant can dim the lights and mix the music when guests arrive; open the blinds and turn on the coffee in the morning; or let the dogs out while you’re away; it can even send a text if the front door is unlocked and then lock it for you.

Making your home accessible wherever you are, Savant has everything one would want in a home automation system and more. Available in Cayman at www.theaudiophilegroup.ky


A home automation system, Nest provides programmable thermostats to make life better and simpler. Most buyers can install a Nest Thermostat themselves in under an hour, and once up it learns about you and your home to create a personalised schedule it will automatically employ.


It can send alerts if a room get too hot or cold, and with the ability to be controlled from anywhere via smartphone, it’s easy to manage.

Best yet, when you add more Nest products like the camera or smoke/CO2 alarm, they automatically work together. It can even email you an energy history each month, including tips to help you save. www.nest.com

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