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Perfect when on-the-go, the Modern Man Trio keeps life beautiful. Sized for international carry-on, it includes a moisturiser, shaving cream and face wash to keep life smooth. www.ernestsupplies.com

Away_Carry-On_Green_1OPEN & SHUT

The Carry-On soars to new heights with clever innovations from TSA-approved locks and a scratch-resistant exterior to a built-in USB battery charger. Add to that a compression pad, premium 360° wheels and an impenetrable shell that bends, not breaks, and you’re looking at your next travel companion. www.awaytravel.com

Black-Caroline-openBLING BOX

Have jewels will travel with the gorgeous Caroline Zip Case. With a leather-quilted exterior, the clever carrier neatly combines one ring roll, two zipped pockets and four necklace holders, so no bauble is left behind. www.wolf1834.com


Sheer genius, WineSkin’s protective bottle covers are as simple as they are essential. Combining shock-absorption with leak-proof confidence, the peel-and-seal transport bags come in wine and beer sizes to keep all imbibers happy. www.wineskin.net

olivia-von-halle-eyemask-amal-with-bagEYES WIDE SHUT

Make a statement with your eyes closed with an Olivia Von Halle eyemask. Lightly padded and fully reversible, the 100% silk eyemask comes with a matching travel case to ensure the only bags carried are in hand. www.oliviavonhalle.com

Votivo-Deep-CloverMOOD OPERATOR

The most underrated sense, scent taps into the primal part of the brain that affects mood and behaviour. Whilst away unlock your inner animal with a Votivo Travel Candle known for their intense bouquet. Available on island at www.designstudio.ky

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