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Get Shorty - Mens Swimwear

Here's our how-to guide for finding the perfect trunks, so you can strut your style without breaking a sweat.


A style unto themselves, Chubbies are retro-inspired shorts that bare your thighs with a 5.5 inch inseam. Apparently, your thighs will thank you.



Long and on the looser side, they typically hit at the knee or just below. A popular style for adrenaline-junkies, this style looks best on taller men. OndadeMar‘s Surf Fit Long Length Printed Swim Short in flower print makes a splash both on and off the water. Featuring a side flap pocket with velcro closure and smooth mesh interlining, they are ideal for hitting the waves as well as chilling post surf, beer in hand.

Available at Sand Angels, Camana Bay. www.sandangels.com

Briefs or Speedos

Leaving little to the imagination, this 'do you dare' style gets you noticed and is the choice for dedicated swimmers and incredibly fit fellows. Known for their superior craftsmanship and eye-catching styles, Aussie Bum‘s Superhero version is not for the faint-hearted. As they say, "If you doubt yourself, wear something else."


Trunks – Shorties – Boxers

A solid choice for men of all body types, particularly those with huskier builds, it offers slightly more modesty than briefs, with the length ending at the upper to mid thigh. With an elastic waistband and drawstring, the quick drying Juluca Swim Trunks from Island Company are a solid choice that take you from ocean to hammock with style.


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