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Design Den - Spring 2013

Rock the foor with FEDRO. The latest from Dedon designer, Lorenza Bozzoli, the ergonomic design allows the chair to rock as you please. Lightweight, stackable and easy on the eyes,
it is perfect for lounging by the sea or pool.www.dedon.de
Hang_A_Round Brewing the perfect cup of joe just got easier with Nespresso’s Pixie. Part of the SMART model range, this high-design, high-quality compact cafeine contraption takes only 25 seconds to heat and is available in six colours and two finishes.www.nespresso.com
The latest addition to its exquisite line of handpainted wallpapers, De Gournay is pleased to introduce ‘Cranes’ from its Japanese and Korean Collection. More sparse and contemporary than previous styles, ‘Cranes’ is testament to the exceptional quality that is the result of its trained artisans.www.degournay.com Schwing_Tastic
Hang_A_Round Continually pushing the design envelope, ApaVisa releases its latest cutting-edge tiles – nano evolution. Banishing boring walls in favour of “textured art for architecture,” the concrete collection features new shapes such as Hexagonal, Bumps, Ribboned, Curves and Diagonal for limitless combinations.www.staffordflooring.com
Add zest to the kitchen with Bugatti’s Vita juicer. Not only is it sleek and sexy, it works like a charm and is easy to clean. Available in many colourways, it squeezes the most out of design.www.contemporaryheaven.com Schwing_Tastic
Hang_A_Round Serve up sophistication with rose coloured Himalayan salt plates. Able to hold temperatures for long periods of time, the blocks can be heated or chilled depending upon the dish, and most excitingly can cure or salt the meals they serve. Better yet, they are also reusable.www.souschef.co.uk
Get fresh with The BluApple. By absorbing the ethylene gas emitted by ripening produce, the device extends the life of your fruits and vegetables. Designed to last three months, cartridges are easily replaced to ensure your greens stay fresh.www.thebluapple.com Schwing_Tastic


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