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Spring 2016

design-den-reallife-cayman-1    Hit a winner with RS Barcelona’s You and Me, a sleek ping pong table that is also a dining table. Conceived of by Antoni Pallejà Office, the clever design makes the most of small spaces by adding playability to meal time. With a hidden side drawer for net, bats and balls, the tennis table is built from the highest-quality materials allowing for either indoor and outdoor use. Loser does dishes? rs-barcelona.com

design-den-reallife-cayman-3Made from bagasse (the fibrous remains of sugarcane), WallArt’s 3D eco-friendly Wall Panels bring dynamic texture and lively patterns to lacklustre interiors. With over 20 designs to choose from, the stylish easy-to-install panels create eye-catching feature walls that quickly reshape a room. mywallart.com

design-den-reallife-cayman-4Scale new heights of home accessories with the upscaled 200 foot Rope Basket. Made from climbing ropes that are no longer safe for use, the stiff yet flexible coiled basket is attached to a solid ash base making for a strong and spacious container. Colour options based upon rope supply. tomwillmake.com

design-den-reallife-cayman-5Designed by Studio Segers for Tribu, the Mood Daybed invites hours in the sun contemplating one’s navel with its cosy cushioned design. Made from teak and handwoven weather-resistant Tricord yarn, it is an ample nest for a day of rest. tribu.com

design-den-reallife-cayman-6Bringing elegance and contemporary style to the bathroom, the Shui Comfort Collection by Paolo D’Arrigo for Cielo plays with volume and clean lines for well-balanced designs that deliver practical appeal. Made in Italy from top quality materials, the sophisticated range is available in four finishes and six colours. ceramicacielo.it


Yearn for childhood days spent in a Lego haze? Unleash endless expression and creative juices with EverBlocks modular plastic building blocks. Available in multiple colours, sizes and styles, including finishing caps, foot pieces and lintels, these durable blocks give affordable expression to interior design dreams. everblocksystems.com



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