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First impressions matter when considering a house. Harness these simple tips to increase your home's curb appeal and make good on your investment.

curb-appeal-caymanCurb appeal refers to a property’s attractiveness from the street. Although this may seem simple, there is important logic behind the idea, especially when looking to sell a house.

Beyond providing instant attractiveness and a sense of place, curb appeal can increase a property’s value – often by as much as twenty per cent. When one considers that two-thirds of potential buyers drive by a home they find interesting online, curb appeal can be the deciding factor that leads a prospective buyer to walk through the door. Potential purchasers are aspiring to have a slice of the lifestyle the home represents, so its first impression will speak volumes and have a lasting effect – make sure it is the right one.

Fortunately, increasing a property’s curb appeal is easy and need not break the bank. Whether it is sweeping away roadside debris strewn in front of the property, tidying up toys left around the yard, washing windows, cleaning gutters or creating a harmonious look by way of planters or window boxes, these affordable everyday actions pay dividends.

Likewise, taking the time and money to install proper pathways or contracting professional landscapers to spruce up the garden, block less desirable views with foliage or install coveted items like auto irrigation systems, make a home more inviting.

On driveways consider the use of industrial paint as a floor covering instead of dull construction concrete. Create an organised environment in the garage by installing shelves or by way of a storage shed along side the house. Pressure-wash the deck and driveway. Think about painting the exterior walls and soffits. Or perhaps paint the front door to provide a fresh, welcoming entryway into the home.

By embracing these simple steps to fine-tune a home’s exterior you can help your home radiate a loved and lived in look, which in turn only helps your investment. Don’t you want to be the belle of the block?

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