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Architect: Tim Peck

In 1980, Tim ventured out to the Caribbean on a one-year contract to join Onions Bouchard & McCulloch (OBM), then the largest Caribbean architectural firm. Thirty years on, Tim is now Chairman of the global firm OBM International, with no regret at the loss of his return ticket.


RL: Why did you choose to become an architect?

TP: As a child I wanted to be an artist but was under parental pressure to take up a “real career.” Blessed with talent, I looked for ways to translate this into something tangible. Early on I became aware of the role that architects play as designers of the sculptures in which we live and work, and that also have such visual impact and social significance on our society.

RL: What was the first thing that you designed?

TP: My first work experience was with Chamberlin Powell and Bon on the Royal Shakespeare Company Theatre at the Barbican in London. It was wonderful to work with Bon – he had phenomenal attention to detail. It was a great foundation for a career in architecture.

RL: Describe your design aesthetic.

TP: I approach design with a great deal of respect for context and culture. At OBMI we are lucky enough to touch some of the most unique and beautiful corners of the world. Our roots in the islands have endowed us with a high level of sensitivity to the influences of environment and culture allowing us to address this privilege with a high level of sensitivity. Architecture is a visual but also very much a spatial experience. The quality of space within or around an excellent piece of architecture has the ability to go beyond the visual to a far deeper spiritual experience.

RL: What are you working on at present?

TP: I am a designer at heart and maintain an active role in a variety of projects from residences, as part of OBMI’s Island Living programme, to larger resort developments across the globe, under our Destination Creation brand. On a personal note I have just finished painting my wife’s custom shaped surfboard.


RL: What inspires you today?

TP: We live in the Caribbean – what more inspiration can we seek than the natural beauty that surrounds us every day? In a broader sense, as architects, we have the opportunity of creating dreams: weaving varied goals and desires with creativity to produce a solution that surpasses our client’s imagination. Inspiration comes from observing the client’s pleasure when they absorb the result of our endeavours.


1. Designer

Architect_Tim_Peck_Top_TenLegoretta, for his clean style, attention to detail and use of colour and light. Hugh Newell Jacobsen, for his ability to distil a regional vernacular into the cultural essence and then reinterpret the form with clean contemporary simplicity.

2. Furniture

Hans Wenger’s Shell Chair – ‘the smiling chair’.

3. Design Tool

As one of the older generation – a 2B pencil with a sharpie for the hard lining!

4. Sustainable Gizmo

The Solio charger – keeps everything topped up with solar power, even in the depths of the Serengeti!

5. Appliance

CitiZ Nespresso coffee machine.

6. Artist

Mark Rothko and his wonderful use of colour to stimulate the emotions.

7. Car

My wife’s 1967 VW Beetle – takes me back to my youth.

8. Hotel

Recently, I enjoyed visiting Amanyara on Turks and Caicos. It is a wonderful interpretation of tropical architecture that fits well into the indigenous vegetation of a coral island.

9. Book

Anything from Iain M Banks – an author with great imagination.

10. Holiday

I travel so much for work that often getting back home can feel like a holiday. My wife is a commercial pilot and can often accompany me, so our holidays are frequently a few days tacked on to a business trip.

For more information visit: www.obmi.com

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